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Happy New Years!

Happy New Years from Lissanna of Restokin!

I hope you have a good New Years’ Eve (& new years’ day for some readers!).

Free drinks in Stormwind for Alliance druids are on me (if you are over level 21 in the US)! May your mugs always be full!

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Best druid changes of 2009

So, for New Years, I wanted to try and reflect more on the positives that have happened for druids in 2009. I’m keeping this short, so I won’t have long explanations.

Best Game Change:

  • Dual Spec feature! Now, we can be 2 druid specs instead of just one.
  • I think the changes to the grouping system with random cross-server 5-mans comes in a close 2nd.

Best general druid change:

  • Bear & Cat form graphics! Now, we have more variety in colors!

Best Resto change:

  • Buffs for nourish! Druids in 2009 got more spell diversity in the form of Nourish becoming a viable healing spell to mix in with a healthy supply of HOTs.

Best Moonkin change:

  • Eclipse becoming more worthwhile (even when people still don’t like it). Moonkin became more raid viable during WotLK & more accepted in PvE.

Best Cat change:

  • Predatory strikes instant Nature spell buff for PvP.

Best Bear change:

  • Savage Defense making druid tanking a little more interesting.

And that about covers it! What are your favorite 2009 changes?  Have a great New Year’s Eve!

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Haste weapons for resto druids

Okay, so one of the best ways to get to the raiding haste cap for resto druids is to pick up a staff that has a big chunk of haste on it. These types of weapons are good for all resto druids, and everyone should either be getting a staff with haste, or a main hand + off-hand haste combo. Since staves are a lot easier to attain than haste off-hands, I’m going to focus on staves in this loot list. I’d recommend avoiding crit weapons, since crit weapons will likely make it a lot harder to get haste-capped otherwise (getting 100 to 150 haste on a weapon is really helpful!). So, pass all those crit weapons to the other members of your raid, or take ’em only for your moonkin off-sets once you can get something better.

Here are the haste weapon options for resto druids:

ICC Staves:

There will be an off-hand/main hand pairing that will be good, but it’s not yet available, either. In the 25-man, there are haste off-hands that drops off Sindragosa & Blood Princess. When those are available, then MH/OH pairings become an option. Until then, it’s going to be hard to get haste-capped without a haste staff.

ToC Staves:

Ulduar staff: (only 1 worthwhile there)

5-man Weapons:

  • There is one off-hand with haste from the ICC Heroic 5-man: Shriveled Heart – Halls of Reflection Heroic. If you are going for a MH/OH combo right now, you should go for this off-hand.
  • Unspeakable Secret: Pit of Saron Normal.

NOTE: Item level & spell power still matters. You shouldn’t be downgrading from an ilevel 245 weapon to a 200 weapon just for haste. The hope is that you go up (or side-grade) on the item-level of your weapon (and all your gear) to attain the haste, and just lose out on crit.

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Merrymaker Lissiel

I finished all of the Winter’s Veil achievements on my shaman! It wasn’t actually too bad, since I finished it all on my druid last year. My shaman healed two wintergrasp battles to get enough of the PvP kills, and went on some low level Nexus runs to get the Santa Hat for ‘Tis the Season.

I haven’t done the shooting horde bosses with my new toy yet. I’m waiting for later when it’s not as popular so I can sneak into the cities with my stealth druid.

Have you gotten all the Winter’s Veil holiday achievements yet?

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