Monthly Archives: March 2009

More druid updates on PTR

From MMO champion, there are a couple updates that they posted with the latest PTR build: Balance Moonkin Form now costs 13% of base mana. (Down from 22%) Feral Rend and Tear now increases the critical strike chance of your Ferocious Bite ability on bleeding targets by 5/10/15/20/25%. (Down from 10/20/30/40/50%) Primal Tenacity now reduces […]

Restokin banner contest!

Right now, I’m using a default wordpress template for restokin, that had all the features I needed, and looked cool enough that I could get away with using it for a while. However,  the site grew bigger and faster than I was expecting, and I really need a good banner to go on my site […]

Feral PvP – The DD forum discussion and suggestions

Ghostcrawler posted a lengthy response in the feral druid PvP “nerf” thread, which contained a decent amount of information about how the developers think about PvP balance, but nothing that was really helpful for the ferals that felt their chance at pvp success in 3.1 had been taken away from them. Here’s an excerpt with […]