Arena season 6 gear

season6_druid_hd*breathes a sigh of belief*

Looks like Naked is NOT the druid Season 6 set graphic.

The rest of the class’ armor sets are up on MMO-Champion.

The complete set is actually kinda interesting. I’m not too picky at this point. So long as the set has a graphic, and we don’t have dead birds on our head, or oven mits, I think we’re doing okay.

I’m pretty sure feral druids are going to be the only spec to see the complete arena set, so I suppose it doesn’t really matter what our arena sets look like at this point, anyway. I suppose the set is for RP-strutting down Dalaran on your fancy mount.

After the first tier set that Blizzard made me wear, back before tree form had a graphic you could hide in for healing, my standards of judging gear has just never been the same…

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