Armor in tree form increased on PTR!

The official patch notes were updated saying that tree form’s armor was increased. I logged onto the PTR and tested it, and found that:

Caster-form armor: 3,611
Moonkin armor (370%): 16,261
Tree armor: 11,817

On live server:
Caster-form armor: 3,656
Tree armor: 7118

None of the in-game tooltips on the PTR reflect a tree armor change at all, but it appears that tree form did get the boost up to 240% that got announced in the patch notes update.

I also managed to snag some of the new glyphs from the glyph vendor in dalaran. I’ll report on a glyph functionality update sometime tomorrow. However, with some preliminary testing, it looks like the Nourish Glyph and the resto Tier 7 4-piece bonus probably do stack.

It also looks like they took away the mana cost from innervate (lol, we get to keep our ~140 mana).

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