Bear tanking Newbie Tip: Bears can pull with hurricane


I spend a lot of time catering to new druid players, since I’ve been maintaining a leveling guide for the last few years. With dual-specs coming out, I’ve started thinking about how to make a tanking intro to add to my leveling guide. As a preview, I’m introducing one pulling technique, that I hardly ever see anyone else do: pull a group of mobs with hurricane and then shift to bear form when they’re getting close.

It makes a lot of sense – Hurricane is a good  AOE ability so it causes a pretty high amount of threat. It hits more targets than just Feral Faerie Fire alone. You gain 10 rage as you shift back into bear form, so have some rage when things get to you.

This strategy is best used for 5-man instances, with pulls where charging into the pack isn’t such a good idea. Some times, you just need a group of mobs to come to you, and your group may not be as likely to pull mobs off you if they start attacking before the mobs get to you.

The most important part of this strategy is to only let 1 or 2 ticks of your hurricane actually go through. If you aren’t in bear form before the mobs get to you, then you will have one really unhappy healer.

(for an interesting take on how to charge in and start swiping, check out Leatherbelly’s flying druid).

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10 comments on “Bear tanking Newbie Tip: Bears can pull with hurricane
  1. Keeva says:

    It’s been a while since I tanked, but back in Kara I used to pull multi-packs with Hurricane, but my other strategy for 3-packs was Starfire on the first, Wrath on the second, Moonfire on the third, then shift to bear.

    (Only advisable from max range) 😛

    Nobody believes me that I used to do that :/

  2. Potluck says:

    I know that the residential druid in my guild, Gurandus, would always use this and many other things that I find 90% of the other feral druids I have pugged with do not.

    It’s incredible how much diversity in styles this class have and the myriads of “solutions” you can come up with. All it takes is a little bit of creativity.

    Cool website you have here Lissanna. I should visit here more often 😛

  3. Manoo says:

    The flying bear is my absolute favorite thing in the world


  4. Nathanyel says:

    With the 3.0-Swipe, all mobs should stick to you against healer aggro pretty easily. For caster mobs, just charge into the pack. Plus, staying in bear preserves rage left over from the last pack. Good DDs should know when to start AoEing 😛

  5. Messremb says:

    The key, as mentioned, is just to have threat at the end of a pack. Stop spamming maul, just keep swiping (swipe actually generates a lot of threat because of the mult. crits). Swipes are fine; hurricane (or casting three spells…) really slows things down in instances. Just chain pull until your healer needs an innervate, then get back to pullin’.

  6. Messremb says:

    Sorry, *rage*, not threat. Stupid stupid >.<

  7. Falezoo says:

    I used all of these and other tricks while tanking in BC but have honestly found that I haven’t used many of them in wotlk because I haven’t needed them.

    My favourite heroic steamvaults (god damn you earthwarden) trick was at the very end with trash packs before the boss I would wrath, moonfire, faerie fire the 3packs and then LOS them around the corner. The trick with wrath before moonfire is that wrath takes a while to fly through the air, moonfire is instant so if you time it right they both hit at pretty much the same time and if you are lucky you can get a third moonfire off instead of the faerie fire.

    Also in that same instance taking out all the trash on the bridge leading towards the mechanical boss I would barkskin hurricane to get aggro.

    Most of these tricks are risky and a bit lag dependent so I much prefer not having to resort to them.

    stealthcat -> charge -> bear -> swipe is fun though 🙂

  8. Deevan says:

    I too used Starfire/Wrath/Moonfire for melee trash tanking in BC, but Hurricane is a no brainer for LOS pulls too. Just get at max range, pop it, and run!

    Although it seems all I really have to do now is fairie fire swipe spam with WotLK instances. :/

  9. Ex Girlfiend says:

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