Confused about all the new 3.1 druid changes? Go read shifting perspectives!

On WoW insider, Allison Robert recently wrote up a post answering all your burning questions about druid patch 3.1 changes. It is a really well written and concise overview of the most major changes to the druid class that people could have questions about. It’s easier for me to just link to the post than to have to re-answer all the questions here later, so if you are still trying to wrap your head around all the 3.1 changes, I really recommend that you look through that post on WoWinsider.

It covers a lot of things from tanking changes, mana regen changes, Eclipse moonkin changes, et cetra. I usually won’t make an entire blog post just to tell you to read a WoWinsider post, however this one is really important for druids that haven’t had time to track all the different changes, so it gets an extra special plug from me!

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