Dual specs are better than one!

With the dual spec system out on the PTR, I’ve spent some time playing with this new feature. I’m likely to pick up a resto spec for raid healing, and then a moonkin spec that I’ll use for everything else.

How dualspecs work:

  • It costs 1,000 gold at a druid trainer. You can get the second spec at level 40 or higher.
  • It keeps your current talent set as the first one and gives you a blank second spec to work with.
  • Once you have all your talents set for each spec, all you have to do is click a button, cast for a couple seconds, and then your spec is switched to the new one. However, you start out with zero mana/energy/rage when you switch to the new spec.
  • If you want to change the talents in either dual-spec, you can pay at a druid trainer and it will clear the current talents for whatever spec you currently have active.
  • Glyph sets & casting bars will change along with the spec once you have set them.

There is also a new equipment manager feature that goes along with the dualspec system. At the click of a button, it will swap your gear (yay for built in equipment manager!). The problem with the equipment manager is that it won’t switch in gear from your bank, so you DO have to carry around all that gear in your current bags with you everywhere (oh well, nothing’s perfect!).

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