Eclipse & Insect Swarm

Once again, the moonkin Eclipse talent has changed. Based on multiple players’ feedback from PTR & math testing:

For fights where you are moving a lot, solar eclipse (using starfire to now gain 30% damage to wrath) will be superior, as wrath is easier to cast-on-the-run.

For fights where mana may become an issue and you don’t have to move as much, lunar eclipse (using wrath to proc starfire 30% crit) will be better, as it is more mana efficient.

Murmurs also worked out the math on the new insect swarm coefficient (20%, up from about 13%), which shows that even un-glyphed, insect swarm will be worth using in any PvE rotation.

Here’s Murmur’s math thread on the moonkin DPS changes.

Both the Eclipse & insect swarm changes are really nice for moonkin PvE.

Posted in Moonkin Balance DPS, Patch 3.1 WotLK


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