Feral Glyph & talent changes in 3.1 build 9733

Sad KittiesOn MMO-champion, they have started collecting some new PTR updates for today.

First, the bad news for kitties: they nerfed the bonus damage from the savage roar glyph:

Glyph of Savage Roar – Your Savage Roar ability grants an additional 3% bonus damage done. (Down from 6%)

According to MMO champion, they also changed the primal gore talent to not give rake the ability to crit (so, it would now only give the crit chance to rip & lacerate).

While disappointing, these cat changes are really not totally unexpected, as the damage dealing forums have been QQ’ing about the amount of damage that feral cat druids have been doing in PvE. These shouldn’t really hurt that much, I hope – as they are mostly just reversing buffs that haven’t been implemented yet. I’ll keep an eye on this and post updates if this change is causing feral cats to fall too far behind again. There is still a pretty big cat uproar starting on the damage dealing forums about these changes.

The good news for bear tanks (& maybe PvP ferals):

Glyph of Survival Instincts – Your Survival Instincts ability grants an additional 10% of your maximum health.

I belive that this survival instincts glyph may help solve the bear druids’ lack of tanking glyph options problem (’cause something is always better than nothing!). Then again, with the stamina nerfs going in at the same time, it’s not too super exciting or anything. Edit: Based on feedback, we have to keep in mind that glyphing for a not that frequently used ability also seems silly….

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4 comments on “Feral Glyph & talent changes in 3.1 build 9733
  1. scaresome says:

    my goodness, I love smart writers.

  2. Willowbear says:

    That glyph solves nothing. I rank it not much higher than that aquatic form glyph. SI is an ‘oh shit’ button that doesn’t get used enough to warrant using up a glyph slot. And 10%? Puhleeeze… To make it semi-worth the mats to create it make it 30%, reduce the CD dramatically and make it last 50% longer. Give me back my stamina and armor and keep the worthless glyph…kthxbye.

  3. Gingershnaps says:

    I’d much rather the glyph of Survival Instincts reduced the cooldown on it than just 10% more stamina.

    Ideally, they’d make some tanking glyphs for abilities we used more often. Something that made Barkskin last a few seconds longer so bears don’t feel like they have to hold onto the 4 piece set bonus would be nice.

    Maybe something like Glyph of Savage Defense: Your Savage Defense now also reduces damage taken from magical attacks.

    That would help reduce one of the weak points of bears, our magical mitigation. They could certainly play with the % of the damage reduced by Savage Defense for magical attacks until they found something they were happy with. It would also do a lot to reduce the bear grumpiness about losing so much armor, etc with the Savage Defense change.

  4. Valthan says:

    I was wondering if you could set it so that feed readers don’t get cut off. Currently your posts show up as a paragraph, then a ‘…’


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