Go play in the PTR arenas today – Thursday the 26th!

Druids’ representation in the current arena system on the live servers (and the arena servers) are low. We all know that druids just aren’t playing very much in arenas. Some of it is the backlash against druids doing so well as resto in Burning Crusade.

Anyway, the devs are looking for people to go and do some arena PvP testing on the PTR, and they’re asking people to queue up for arena battles on Thursday the 26th on the US PTRs (the devs are more likely to be watching during work hours & the evening…).

It would be great to see some druid PvP’ing while the devs are watching you.

Maybe that’ll help us get some needed moonkin PvP fixes… if they can actually see some moonkin PvP’ing. It would also be great to see what resto and ferals look like in the arenas, as well, after all the 3.1 changes. Also, please leave feedback on the WoW forums after your PvP testing (please post constructively there), about what needs fixes. There may still be time to get stuff done before 3.1 goes live…

/end public service announcement.

UPDATE: Realms taken down (to apply new patch). Why did they ask us to play in arenas if the servers were going to be down? Great planning guys! Maybe we’ll be able to queue up when the servers come back up.

According to Zarhym:

Due to the extended down time of the test realms today, we are looking to reschedule this focus testing for a day next week. We will provide an update to this thread when we have a day chosen.

Stay tuned for more PvP fun….

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