How to PvE Heal in 3.1 guide now up!

4 tree naxx raidThe second in my series of druid guides (my first being the leveling guide), I now have up my 3.1 healing guide, under “pages”. I only have the first FIVE sections finished, but I wanted to get the preview of my new guide up on this blog now, so that it’s available as a resource for druids once patch 3.1 is complete.

All of the suggestions in the healing guide are based around introducing the 3.1 changes and how they will influence our healing style.

I will be unveiling the remaining sections over the next few weeks, as I find time in my schedule to finish writing it.

Feel free to leave feedback on it here if you have suggestions for improvements.

UPDATE: Pages 4 (Specs) & 5 (Glyphs) added!

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7 comments on “How to PvE Heal in 3.1 guide now up!
  1. Paininabox says:

    In regards to Regrowth as a raid heal:

    “There may be some fights with constant raid damage where the long lasting HOT is powerful (ie. Saph’s frost aura in Naxx). However, this is NO LONGER a viable raid heal in all situations.”

    I disagree with the conclusion that it is no longer a viable raid heal in all situations. In my view, weak raid damage scenarios support using primarily Rejuv/WG, and Regrowth is good in moderate to high raid damage scenarios due to efficiency, the HoT, and the ability to swiftmend. Hence, in many/most situations, Regrowth is still very strong. In very few situations where raid healing is minimal would Regrowth be a poor choice. Your wording suggests that it is much weaker than it really is. It may have lost 25% crit, but from WWS parses I’ve seen, 75% of the actual regrowth healing is from the HoT, despite the big numbers that it puts up up front.

  2. Lissanna says:

    My biggest concern with regrowth is how expensive it is to cast a lot, in terms of mana. I know that before the mana regen nerfs, if I use regrowth too much as a raid heal, I start running OOM already. When mana is even more of a problem, I’m even more concerned about using it too much; hence why I was suggesting not using it as a primary raid heal all the time. However, I did go back and clarified this point more by not being quite as harsh in my wording. Let me know if the update still doesn’t feel quite right to you.

  3. Paininabox says:

    Yeah, I’ll concede the point that the mana consumption will be harsher with the recent changes. I think its particular strength lies in buying time for you in the future. I know I’m always surprised how many people I have Regrowth going on in a particularly heavy bout of damage, and it really helps to keep all the damage from being overwhelming.

    I think your wording is much better, thank you.

  4. Demägogue says:

    Regarding Living Seed in your Raid/AoE healing and well rounded talent builds. I’d be interested in the numbers of actually useful heal from Living Seed.

    When I go through my own wws on it very often the seed either A) Fades off without proccing (About 60-80% of the time depending on the fight) or B) Heals for a rediculously low ammount / Over heals. The only people I get good size Living Seeds off of (Above 3k) are hunter pets, which I am assuming is some bonus they get from heals.

    I agree 100% that for a MT build it should be there, but for the others the points would probably be better used finishing off Tranquil Spirit or Subtlety.

  5. Lissanna says:

    I haven’t figured out how good the NEW version of living seed is (it got buffed a bit in 3.1, I think). In the “well rounded” build, I could shift the points to tranquil spirit without too much of a problem. For the AOE build, I’d think that Nature’s Grace may be the best place for those three points. Tranquil spirit won’t give you much as an AOE healer. Kinda depends on how the person is AOE healing. I’ll look into it more.

  6. Potluck says:

    I have a resto druid myself. In response to Paininabox, I have to disagree. Rejuvenation is so much more better than Regrowth, because there is no cast time tied to it. I can literally pad enough people in a raid on a short notice versus Regrowth. The only time I use Regrowth, at all, are on MT/OT for fights like Gluth or Patchwerk, where every HoT tick is important and reduces the need for Nourish/WG spam.

    On fights like Grobbulus, I’d just put a Rejuv and 1 Lifebloom application on “infection carriers” so that they have a steady healing on them as they go through the rings and up to the wall. The bloom should take care of the hit after depositing their infection. Things like this, Rejuv just outshines Regrowth in so many ways.

    I think I’ve said this before on the official forums, but Regrowth *might* have had primary use inside Gnomeregan in your 20s, but at level 80, it has just become another situational tool, like so many other low level spells.

  7. Anelf says:

    Thank you so much for putting this information together. Its really useful for preparing for the patch (assuming, of course, that there are no major changes to come 🙂 ).

    However, I have to say you’ve depressed me greatly as well :-(. It does appear from your analysis that Lifebloom rolling is dead as a tank healing strategy – being replaced by spamming big, long cast (compared to Lifebloom) heals instead.

    I will mourn Lifebloom’s passing, as HoT healing was the thing I’ve always loved about Resto Druid (even when it was hard to cope with spike damage in BC). I was levelling a priest so I could experience a different healing style. But maybe I’ll stop that, because it seems Blizzard are changing my Resto Druid into a Priest for me :-).

    I’m looking forward to you posting the remaining articles in this series.


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