Is cat DPS too high in 3.1? We don’t know yet.


As reported earlier, Ghostcrawler was collecting DPS parses from Ulduar, to see what the community’s numbers looked like. A lot of non-druids were claiming that the feral druid DPS numbers were too high, compared to other classes.

However, most parses supporting that claim were based on a test boss where everyone just stands still and nukes. While cats have gotten some nice DPS buffs over the course of the 3.1 development, it’s hard to say whether or not cat druids are in line with other classes. It could be that the few high parses are not representative of what most cats will be able to actually do in the dynamically changing Ulduar content that will be available to us in 3.1.

Even GC states that:

Bosses can be different from each other. This is one reason we try to discourage players from glomming onto one number as *the* dps that they do.
If a spec can do 5000 dps on one boss and 7000 dps on another boss, does that mean its dps is 6000 since that’s the average? Or 7000 since that’s the max?
Wer’e keeping an eye on cats. Not even all of the theorycrafting seems to be in agreement.

Anyone throwing temper tantrums on the forums right now about cat damage being too high is assuming equal gear, skill, and equal advantage for like one druid at one particular boss fight. I’m completely sure that there is no such thing as equal gear, skill, and equal advantage on a boss fight when people are only looking at a tiny sample, like 10 out of 10 million players. It also requires the assumption that the Random Number Generator (RNG) wasn’t random. Every single skill has a possible range of damage, and every “chance” ability has a “chance” to work or not work. If one person randomly has a string of bad RNG luck, their DPS is going to show up lower. If the same person in the same gear on the same boss a different night randomly has a streak of good RNG numbers, their DPS goes up.

Some moonkin report swings in their DPS of 1k or 2k, in current content, depending entirely on RNG procs or having to move at the wrong time. Ferals likely have similar streaky problems with whether or not they get extra energy (from omen of clarity) or combo points (if you randomly crit more or less during a fight), that could skew their DPS one way or another over short periods of time.

One person’s 2 minute boss fight is relatively meaningless data. You need to see trends across people and within the same people over time, and across different encounters. You need to aggregate over hours of data & hundreds of players before you know if the CLASS or the SPEC is not performing up to par, or is too far above where they should be. The community doesn’t have that much data yet for things in 3.1 that are changing with new builds every week. They also only have data from the skewed set of players who would play on PTR test fights in the first place, which is NOT a random sample of the feral druid community.

We don’t have enough data to come to real conclusions about cat DPS right now, and players freaking out on the forums about it are likely overreacting.

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