Moonkin disappointed with T8 sets

The stats for the Tier 8 sets from 25-man Ulduar are up on MMO-champion.

In general, the moonkin community feedback on this set in the few hours we’ve had access to this has not been positive. In fact, most moonkin seem to hate it. In most ways, it’s not an upgrade to what they’re already wearing, and they’d rather stick with their t7 or just try to get Best-in-slot cloth & leather pieces.

While our T8.5 set has gobs of spell hit on it, the set has zero haste rating, which is one of the best stats for moonkin, especially if they’re doing a Lunar eclipse rotation. While they’re trying to push more people into wanting to use a solar eclipse rotation, taking ALL the haste off our tier pieces is NOT a good way to try and make that more appealing.

In addition, the new moonkin relic probably won’t be worth equipping either: Druid T8 Balance Relic — Increases the spell power of your Insect Swarm by 374.

Given how unhappy moonkin are with PvP, having really disappointing PvE sets really makes the community unhappy.  Maybe the amount of crying on the DD forums from most of the classes will make the devs re-think their set design decisions.

Moonkin need some PvP & itemization attention before 3.1 comes out…

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