Moonkin get a pony in 3.1!

Not really a pony, but Ghostcrawler finally posted about PvP and the 2-piece set bonus for T8:

I was trying to find a good Balance thread to post in. There are several good ones, but this one made me laugh.

Typhoon — what we are most likely to do is add a daze effect of some kind. This is what the mage spell Blast Wave does. The daze (it’s like a 50% snare) can add a little bit more time to do something before the targets get back on you, such as cast a Cyclone. We might mess with the knockback distance a little, but Typhoon is built differently from many spells, so there may be a limit in what we can do here.

2P Ulduar set bonus — we increased the Eclipse boost to 15%, which should actually grant a dps increase.

We know many druids still don’t like the inherent RNG that Eclipse offers. However, we like mechanics that encourage players to dynamically (meaning if they pay attention) swap which spell they are using. Balance has often had a real tunnel-vision problem of just using the same spell over and over. Even mages do that less these days with all the other procs and cooldowns they can blow at certain times. Eclipse did have some problems, particularly with the Wrath part of the talent not actually doing enough, but we believe those are in a better shape now.

This means that the devs are at least listening to all the feedback that we’ve been posting on the damage dealing forums over the last few weeks. The changes haven’t yet been implemented on the PTR, but I’d expect some of this to go in before 3.1 goes live.

I know this won’t fix all of moonkin’s problems/complaints, but something is better than nothing! Looks like Foofy won’t be eating crab legs tonight!

The buff to our 2-piece T8 bonus puts it in line with what Graylow was asking for in his blog, so it should make the 2-piece bonus worthwhile.

A typhoon snare, while nice, will really need to be tested in practice. A longer knockback with the secondary effect is ideal, but we may have to take a quick fix now, and wait longer for them to get Typhoon to do what would make it a really great spell. It may be that with just a daze effect, the 5-yard knockback isn’t far enough to be able to get off any second spell before people are back on us. It depends on how it all works out once it’s implemented on the PTR for us to play with.

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