Moonkin PvP problems

Moonkin are suffering in PvP from a severe lack of survivability.

Typhoon isn’t the “get outa mah face” ability that it should be. Possible solutions are to add just about anything to it (ie. stun, slow, daze, silence, counter-spell, root, larger knockback, et cetra).

Need some sort of PvP talent change to replace the random stun procs from starfire/starfall. The anti-pushback added to celestial focus is more PvE-oriented, so it doesn’t address the fact that the stuns have been taken away from PvP. This PvP talent should be survivability-oriented, and not damage oriented. Moonkin need to be able to survive long enough to be able to do more than just be a free HK in small group arena pvp

In addition, since there isn’t any form of spirit on the PvP gear for moonkin, innervate returns next to no mana. It looks like moonkin are starting to run into mana regen problems in PvP again. If they survive the initial burst damage, they can’t outlast their opponents.

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