More druid updates on PTR

From MMO champion, there are a couple updates that they posted with the latest PTR build:


  • Moonkin Form now costs 13% of base mana. (Down from 22%)


  • Rend and Tear now increases the critical strike chance of your Ferocious Bite ability on bleeding targets by 5/10/15/20/25%. (Down from 10/20/30/40/50%)
  • Primal Tenacity now reduces fear effects duration and damage taken while stunned while in Cat Form only

I’m pretty sure we already knew about these feral changes, as they were in the recent update to patch notes, but I wanted to bring attention to them, anyway. These changes should now be live on the PTR, so you can keep this in mind when testing out the feral abilities for the Tuesday arena PTR testing.

The moonkin form shifting mana cost change is really minor. They must be reducing it to be closer to what the new tree form mana cost is. Small buffs are still buffs, I suppose. Shifting a lot in PvP won’t drain as much moonkin mana, so I suppose it’s a good change.

You should refer to the DD forum post by GC for further info/reasoning on the recent string of feral nerfs. He’s actually been really good about communicating with feral druids on the forums over the last day or two.

And, of course, the best buff of all: graphic for chef’s hat! I suppose it’s time to start working on the daily quest and saving up 100 cooking awards!

Oh, and I think a lot of druids are excited about the possibility of getting a “starcaller” title from the Observed achievement in Ulduar.

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2 comments on “More druid updates on PTR
  1. Macbook says:


    Starcaller Macbook, or Macbook, the Starcaller sounds pretty cool!

    The shifting change is pretty useless, agreed. Not sure what is meriting the random change.


  2. Nikaya says:

    In regards to the decreased mana cost for shapeshifting, I could see a use for it in my own PvE experiences and I would think this would be AT LEAST as good in PvP. The benefit all comes down imo to being able to pop a heal and quickly jump back into moonkin form without going oom too quickly. I’ve been in several raid groups with guildies where we had a healer not able to make it but one extra dps available. It’s great to be able to dps most of the time but to be able to hop out and help heal in a pinch (especially if a healer is new to the fight). I usually end up helping out with heals in 10 man KT because we just bring 2 healers (usually a priest and a pally) and I help HoT when things get sticky or ppl start getting too close together and get multi-frost tombed. Not very efficient, but great to play the double roll. Will be a little more managable now, and I just might be able to hold out a few more seconds when dualing my bf’s pally. lol


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