New relics – Feral & Resto

So, I talked about the fail that is moonkin itemization already, based on the new sets and stuff that are up from the latest PTR build.

The new resto and feral idols are much of what I expected:

  • Druid T8 Restoration Relic — Increases the spell power of your Nourish by 187.
  • Druid T8 Feral Relic — Your Mangle ability has a chance to grant 153 agility for 12 sec.

I think this feral relic is supposed to be the “tanking” relic, since technically agility is a “tanking” stat (I know they don’t want to put stamina on an idol).  We should mostly just be happy that it’s not just more attack power, and doesn’t just increase the damage done by mangle. It’s about as good as we’ll be getting for a while, to have a shared relic that’s at least decent for both bear and cat. I think there are some happy druids in the tanking forums, so they at least got something right for druids.

The restoration relic is about what we can expect for the new resto healing style. If you are MT healing, this will be a decent relic to use. If you don’t like it, use one of the rejuv or lifebloom ones we already have access to. I think some trees were unhappy about this, but I’ve already accepted that trees will use nourish as part of the MT healing strategy. Raid-damage healers who aren’t using nourish can just be happy that they get good set bonuses and have access to a relic or two that will help them.

There’s not much we can do about the relics so long as they cling to this “only buff one spell” thing they have going, so I guess these will do for now.

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