Nourish spam is FUNdamental

I spent some time testing out Nourish on the PTR. I have slightly out-dated gear on this copy, so I’m having to use all 10-man set pieces to get the 4-piece T7 bonus. That in mind, even with only 1845 + healing, nourish is starting to look pretty good with the right supportive HOTs. Basically, this is what nourish was healing when I cast it on myself more than 10 times at each level, with 1845+healing:

At zero HOTs, nourish with my gear is lack-luster: My “hits” (non-crit) ranged from 3840 to 4176.

At 1 HOT (regrowth), nourish jumped up over a thousand healing: Ranged from 5074 to 5361.

At 2 HOTs (regrowth +rejuv): Ranged from 5434 to 5882

At 3 HOTs (regrowth, rejuv & lifebloom): Ranged 5867 to 5364

At 4 HOTs (regrowth, rejuv, wild growth & lifebloom): Ranged 6407 to 6749

Lifebloom only counts as one HOT, regardless of if you have 1 or 3 stacks on the target, so the max number of HOTs is 4. Having 2 or 3 HOTs is more sustainable for single-target tank healing, as using wild growth as a tank heal is a gigantic waste of mana if it’s only hitting 1 person.

However, with 4 HOTs, my highest crit with nourish was 10,123. I almost felt like a paladin, only the challenge of keeping up 4 HOTs just on myself was a lot more fun than just spamming one button, lol. Keeping up just our three single-target HOTs and using nourish between HOT applications looks like it will be pretty good in Ulduar. It’ll be sad having to give up the T7 combination in favor of the rejuv & swiftmend set bonuses. I may not be willing to give up the T7 4-piece bonus until I have the 4-piece T8 bonus (for awesome rejuv raid healing). For direct heals, nourish definitely outshines glyphed regrowth now.

And these tests were all at a pretty low level of spell power, without raid buffs and such. For tank healing, as I talked about before, you can use HOTs to buff your nourish. Nourish won’t be that useful of a raid heal on it’s own because of the HOT requirement.

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9 comments on “Nourish spam is FUNdamental
  1. Averna says:

    Hey, awesome blog you’ve got here =)

    I, for one, am super pumped about the 2 and 4 piece T8 bonus – I’m a HUGE rejuv user, and a huge swiftmend user at that, so both of them will be pretty great for me.

    Before I get those, though, I’m definitely going to look at using Nourish more with HoTs to buff it.

  2. Lissanna says:

    Thanks Averna. In one of my other resto posts, I talked more about primarily using HOTs for raid healing, so the T8 bonuses are definitely going to help with keeping the raid alive, as it may end up being our primary Ulduar role in most cases, especially for the people who don’t jump on the “nourish” bandwagon right away.

  3. Kielthuel says:

    I heard mention of a Glyph Of Nourish coming in Patch 3.1 that would increase healing done by Nourish by 6% for each HOT present on the target. It’s on the list on WoW’s Test Realm Patch Notes:

    I think going into Ulduar, my glyphs of choice will be Nourish, Swiftmend and Innervate. I chose Innervate in anticipation of mana issues. Eventually I’ll replace it with Wild Growth.

  4. Asei says:

    I really can’t say I’m in the habit of using Swiftmend. I think that was a BC thing? I’m not terribly excited about the T8 2-piece, but you can sign me up for the 4-piece bonus. Then again, we don’t have a lot of ‘o shit’ moments…

    Is Glyph of Nourish enough to compensate for the lack of 4-piece T7 bonus if people start swapping out gear?

  5. Lueyy says:

    Did you test Nourish with 1,2,3,4 HoTs with only the 4T7 bonus (no nourish glyph) ?

    I realize you tested them together – but unless you test them individually – how can you be sure the Glyph of Nourish will interact in an additive way to the existing 4T7 bonus?

  6. Liveoffhots says:

    Is the hot from the trinket Forethought Talisman considered as a hot also? just curious

  7. Lissanna says:

    I’m not sure if the Forethought Talisman HOT counts or not. I don’t have one of those…


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