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What’s in my bank? Let’s do the time warp again!

timewarpThe breakfast topic for today over at WoWinsider is asking about vanity items people are holding onto.

As a druid packrat, I started wondering about what kind of junk I have been holding onto in Lissanna’s bank. So, I figured I’d log into the game, peak in my bank, and talk about what completely useless stuff I have in my bank just because I can’t stand the idea of vendoring it. It’s pretty much like taking a stroll down raiding history. There’s gear from pretty much every raid instance that I’ve held onto.

My worst packrat offense is holding onto old tier sets. While I haven’t had enough bank space to hold onto all of them, I do have 7 out of 8 pieces of the Stormrage set (missing the shoulders, which sucks for using it as an RP set).  I also held onto the Genesis shoulders, boots, & helm. I’ll probably still have this assortment of gear in my bags for as long as I have a WoW account. For some reason, I have such a strong attachment to this gear that I refuse to let it go.

For more asthetic purposes, I’m holding onto my Stranglestaff (you never know when you’ll need to pull out a giant squid on a stick!).

I still have the Scepter of Celebras, and Mallet of Zul’Farrak which I didn’t know until 2 minutes ago were no longer keys that I needed to go back into ZF and Maraudon (even though I have no desire to ever go there again). I had so much random gear in my bank, I didn’t even notice they weren’t keys anymore. They’ll probably stay in my bank and get thrown out when I need more space for extra useless junk…

I gave up skinning when Burning Crusade came out, but I still have my trusty Finkle’s Skinner, since if I throw it out, I might need it again, even though mining and jewelcrafting are way better professions.

That’s just a small selection of what I have in my bank that isn’t actually functional or useful outside of holding onto old memories of when Lissanna was a young druid…

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People should still use lifebloom in 3.1.

lifebloomIn October, when the efficiency nerf to lifebloom went live, a lot of people thought it would be the end of lifebloom. We kept using it anyway, because it was cheap and mana efficient. We were able to adapt and keep our healing numbers high because our other tools that complemented lifebloom healing were good.

Now, after first hearing about the 3.1 changes, people (including myself) thought, once again, that lifebloom may be on its way out. If you are trying to roll lifeblooms in 3.1, it won’t be cheap or mana efficient, and it doesn’t have a great coefficient anymore. It is getting double-hit with the other regen nerfs to tree druids, making us have to think long and hard about what our best tools are going to be.

I fully admit that there’s now a lot of problems with the lifebloom spell in 3.1. While devs listened to the current round of feedback, it is still getting changed, and most of the PTR testers are starting to think that it’s not going to drop from our healing rotations completely. We’ll keep using it anyway. (Well, most of us). There’s still some evidence that it is getting used a lot in PTR boss testing.

Ater spending a lot of time testing, thinking, and reading other posts, I’m starting to think that it will still be okay as a tank heal (using one of the various strategies discussed many times), and it is actually still okay as a raid heal to get a couple quick ticks off faster than rejuv can (well, until you get the Tier 8 4-piece bonus in 3.1). In most cases, we should still have enough mana to use it effectively in PvE (rolling on 1 target, or letting it bloom sometimes, but not rolling on more than1).

The developers have already decided that this is how it’s going to be for 3.1, so it’s time to move onto the acceptance stage of the change. Giving negative feedback isn’t bad, but at this point we’re going to really have to just live with the new version for a while until the developers change their mind.

We’re probably going to pick one of the lifebloom playstyles and stick with it for 3.1.

The lifebloom change is not the end of lifebloom (and no, GC didn’t pay me to say this): I’ll still use lifebloom in 3.1. I may not roll on as many tanks, or as many fights, as I did before. However, lifebloom is still one of our HOTs and we’ll keep using it in some form or another, as HOTs are what we do. Druids are usually pretty good (as a community) at adapting to whatever the devs throw at us. We will be able to adapt to this change, as well.

Besides, it can always get buffed again later.

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Overview of feral glyphs for bear and cat in 3.1

I’m due for a more in-depth look at some feral stuff, so here we go! In 3.1, there are a couple new feral glyphs, so I thought it was about time to go through the entire bear and cat glyph selection we have once 3.1 hits. They aren’t listed in any particular order.

First, Glyphs for the bears:

There aren’t any…. just kidding. There are a few, but not really enough to be happy with the selection:

  • Glyph of Challenging Roar – For a minor glyph slot, decreasing the cooldown of challenging roar is a pretty decent glyph.
  • Glyph of Frenzied Regen – Increases healing done to you by 20% when frenzied regen is up. If you are popping that ability, you probably need all the extra healing you can get, so this one I like.
  • Glyph of Growl – Increases chance for your taunt to work. If your growl is missing enough for you to be annoyed with it, feel free to pick up this glyph. (EDIT: comments below suggest this is useful for bears, since growl counts as a spell and thus has a high miss chance.)
  • Glyph of Maul – Your maul hits 2 targets instead of 1. Useful as part of a multi-target tanking strategy. (Edit: Based on comments below, this one is worth picking up for PvE tanking).
  • Glyph of Berserk –  I think this is new in 3.1. Possibly useful, but I’m not sure this would be that good of a tanking glyph. If you really want your berserk to last longer, now it can. Probably not worth it for bear tanking, taking into consideration other glyphs.
  • Glyph of survival instincts – Not Yet implemented on PTR, or wowhead. Increases stam by an extra 10% (so, survival instincts would be a total of 40% instead of 30%). I’ve been seeing mixed reviews on this. However, compared to our other options… I think a lot of bears may end up with it, anyway.

Glyphs for the Cats:

More selection than the bear glyphs in 3.1. It looks like they changed things up a bit.

  • Glyph of dash – minor glyph. Faster is funner. This is probably a good PvP glyph for chasing things down.
  • Glyph of Mangle – Would you like a nice hot cup of mangle lasting longer? The general consensus seems to be that this one isn’t worth picking up for raiding. If you really want more time before refreshing mangle, this is an option, but we’ve got other new glyphs that are going to be more useful.
  • Glyph of Berserk – New glyph gives you reduced energy costs for longer. PvP glyph maybe or maybe not… I’m not sure it would be useful for raiding much at all, but I’m not 100% sure.
  • Glyph of shred – This glyph is different on the PTR than the live server. The new version helps increase the duration of rip when you shred (up to 6 seconds). Since the rip glyph has been considered mandatory for raiding, I would consider this one even more so. However, it takes away most of it’s PvP usefulness that it had before.
  • Glyph of Rip – Increases duration of rip by 4 seconds. Combined with the shred glyph, you could have 10 seconds longer between rip applications. This has interesting cat DPS implications that the feral math people should dig into soon (if they haven’t already). You may want just one or the other, or both, depending on what other glyphs come out on top for PvE.
  • Glyph of Savage Roar – This is going to increase damage done by 3% now. Not 6% anymore (wowhead hasn’t updated yet). This is still likely to be a great glyph to pick up.
  • Glyph of Rake – Maybe useful for leveling or something. Not really sure what else you’d use it for…

There is still time to figure out which combinations will work best. I just like seeing it all laid out in one place for discussion. I’m not comfortable with this selection enough to go with “use these 3”, so I’m giving you the whole selection for now to think about. What 3 would you choose?

Update: Here’s a post about the 3.1 glyphs for ferals that gives more specific feral suggestions by Altosis.

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Feral Glyph & talent changes in 3.1 build 9733

Sad KittiesOn MMO-champion, they have started collecting some new PTR updates for today.

First, the bad news for kitties: they nerfed the bonus damage from the savage roar glyph:

Glyph of Savage Roar – Your Savage Roar ability grants an additional 3% bonus damage done. (Down from 6%)

According to MMO champion, they also changed the primal gore talent to not give rake the ability to crit (so, it would now only give the crit chance to rip & lacerate).

While disappointing, these cat changes are really not totally unexpected, as the damage dealing forums have been QQ’ing about the amount of damage that feral cat druids have been doing in PvE. These shouldn’t really hurt that much, I hope – as they are mostly just reversing buffs that haven’t been implemented yet. I’ll keep an eye on this and post updates if this change is causing feral cats to fall too far behind again. There is still a pretty big cat uproar starting on the damage dealing forums about these changes.

The good news for bear tanks (& maybe PvP ferals):

Glyph of Survival Instincts – Your Survival Instincts ability grants an additional 10% of your maximum health.

I belive that this survival instincts glyph may help solve the bear druids’ lack of tanking glyph options problem (’cause something is always better than nothing!). Then again, with the stamina nerfs going in at the same time, it’s not too super exciting or anything. Edit: Based on feedback, we have to keep in mind that glyphing for a not that frequently used ability also seems silly….

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