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Healing in Ulduar – why do all the PTR testers have different numbers?

So, Ghostcrawler decided to challenge us yesterday with a puzzle… Why would two skilled druids be healing in Ulduar such that their numbers broke down like this?

What the druids seem to be doing is maintaining lifebloom on the tank while raid healing with wild growth and rejuv. GC told us that most of the lifeblooms are on a tank. We can’t figure out why they’d be using wild growth as a tank heal, so we figure they were doing a mix of raid healing & maintaining lifeblooms on the tank. Then, the second druid has nourish pop in somewhere near the bottom.

Later in the thread, I spell out 4 or 5 different actual WWS parses for different druids doing pretty much what I have been saying they would -> Using different lifebloom strategies (thus different % of their healing), some are tank healing (and thus have higher nourish & wild growth drops out), and some are raid healing (where their HOT % shoot up and nourish drops out).

What I don’t understand from all the parses is… what happened to regrowth? It is apparently still possible to use regrowth, but you may run into mana problems. There’s even someone later in that thread that posted a screenshot of his regrowth spam +lifebloom rolling, and complaining that the old style of healing was just making him OOM before the fight ended. However, why not just refresh regrowth on a tank every 30 seconds? EDIT: I figure that regrowth and rejuv are probably the best HOTs to use for the “using HOTs to buff nourish” strategy, since you don’t have to refresh them very often. I don’t think we should totally give up on regrowth, we just need to treat it like a reverse lifebloom, instead of as a direct heal.

I really just have a feeling that most of the druids haven’t figured out their final healing strategies for Ulduar, and that (like a lot of things in life), the best tool for any fight is going to depend on what fight it is, what role you are assigned to, and what works best for you. However, the fact that we don’t have one tool that will be the “best” tool in all situations, and the fact that nourish sucks without HOTs on the target, means that GC will always be happy with our parses, even if we aren’t.

It doesn’t mean that this is the end of the world, it’s just a new era of healing. Figure out how things work best for you when 3.1 goes live, and remember that we can work our way through this transition together as a whole druid community.

There’s also an analysis of lifebloom over at the Tree Bark Jacket site, for those who are interested.

See also: 4life’s analysis of why 3.1 is not the end of the world.

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Go play in the PTR arenas today – Thursday the 26th!

Druids’ representation in the current arena system on the live servers (and the arena servers) are low. We all know that druids just aren’t playing very much in arenas. Some of it is the backlash against druids doing so well as resto in Burning Crusade.

Anyway, the devs are looking for people to go and do some arena PvP testing on the PTR, and they’re asking people to queue up for arena battles on Thursday the 26th on the US PTRs (the devs are more likely to be watching during work hours & the evening…).

It would be great to see some druid PvP’ing while the devs are watching you.

Maybe that’ll help us get some needed moonkin PvP fixes… if they can actually see some moonkin PvP’ing. It would also be great to see what resto and ferals look like in the arenas, as well, after all the 3.1 changes. Also, please leave feedback on the WoW forums after your PvP testing (please post constructively there), about what needs fixes. There may still be time to get stuff done before 3.1 goes live…

/end public service announcement.

UPDATE: Realms taken down (to apply new patch). Why did they ask us to play in arenas if the servers were going to be down? Great planning guys! Maybe we’ll be able to queue up when the servers come back up.

According to Zarhym:

Due to the extended down time of the test realms today, we are looking to reschedule this focus testing for a day next week. We will provide an update to this thread when we have a day chosen.

Stay tuned for more PvP fun….

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Why Nourish is better than glyphed HT

There has been some argument about the value of glyphed HT compared to our other healing spells, in terms of what to use when 3.1 goes live. While glyphed HT may be useful for healing on the live servers right now, or for PvP in 3.1, or somewhere else where you need quick heals and can’t rely on your HOTs… glyphed HT will not be really a good heal to use in PvE  raiding in 3.1, compared to other healing tools we have available.

Lets break this down. In tree form, I have 1922 spell power & 273 haste on my PTR druid, with just MOTW buff. (with all the mana reduction talents, including moonglow & full tranquil spirit)

  • Healing touch is: 0.923 sec cast, 645 mana.
  • Regrowth is: 1.85 sec cast, 719 mana
  • Nourish is: 1.39 sec cast, 509 mana.

Just looking at the mana costs, and how fast they cast, nourish actually wins, especially with the haste bonuses other classes will give you in a raid situation. Healing Touch will clip the GCD in PvE encounters more often than nourish, so at some point, you don’t gain anything from being below the GCD all the time in raid instances. For both HT and nourish being near the 1 second GCD most of the time, nourish just costs less mana per application, and mana is going to matter in Ulduar, especially if you want to be able to roll lifeblooms on a tank.

Lets look at the healing done to compare the spells, each with their own glyph: Nourish, regrowth, & healing touch. Includes every talent that increases the healing done by these 3 spells (including Empowered touch for HT tests). Sample includes data from 10 to 15 non-crit casts. I like posting ranges better than averages for small casting sample sizes.

For nourish, this includes only the glyph and NOT the Tier 7 bonus, since if you are in full T8, you won’t have that bonus anymore. When you have the T7 bonus AND nourish glyph, nourish with 2 to 3 HOTs automatically wins, based on numbers I posted elsewhere. The nourish glyph increases the amount of nourish’s healing by 6% for EACH HOT on the target.

  • Glyphed HT: Healing range 4996 to 5398
  • Regrowth w/regrowth HOT applied: Range 5153 to 5415
  • Nourish no HOTs: 3835 to 4128
  • Nourish with 1 HOT (+glyph, no T7 bonus): 4877 to 5303
  • Nourish with 2 HOTs (+glyph): 5101 to 5486
  • Nourish with 3 HOTs (+glyph): 5353 to 5791

So, the break-even point for Nourish, regrowth, and Glyphed HT in terms of healing done is Nourish with 2 HOTs. When you have 3 HOTs on your target, nourish wins hands-down. At the 2 HOT breaking point, nourish wins for mana efficiency x speed tradeoffs in 3.1, where you have to worry about your mana. You should also have HOTs on a main tank if you are using your direct heals in the first place, and the glyphed HT costs you 7 talent points more (5/5 naturalist & 2/2 Empowered touch) that will make picking up your AOE heal talents harder, for very little (or nothing) in return. Also, if you have both the T7 bonus and the nourish glyph, nourish blows all these numbers out of the water with a lower # of HOTs requried. Even wild growth counts as a HOT for the glyph bonus of Nourish, so if you use it as a raid heal on people with wild growth and/or rejuv on them, then you’re gaining the benefit of the HOT +glyph combo.

Also, both regrowth and nourish would win out based on the 25% extra crit that they have compared to healing touch, which leads to more Nature’s Grace and/or living seed procs (in addition to the increased healing done from crits).

Use Nourish with HOTs for tank healing in 3.1 (with the nourish glyph and/or T7 bonus). Skip the HT-specific talents and the glyphed HT. If you really don’t care about mana efficiency, just use regrowth with glyph. 🙂

EDIT: Based on feedback – Glyphed healing touch is awesome for leveling before you get nourish. All the resto druids that are still leveling should pick up the HT glyph for their healing specs in 3.1. You can keep it for PvP healing at level 80, but it’s not going to be worthwhile for PvE healing in 3.1 once the nourish glyph goes live. Also, HT is for having a huge instant-heal when you use it with Nature’s Swiftness. When you glyph for HT, you take away the best NS-combo.

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Typhoon doesn’t suck anymore!

Get outa mah face!We know that typhoon was given a 3 second daze in the latest PTR build, but what didn’t get recorded was that they actually DID extend how far the person gets knocked back. It’s no longer the wimpy 5-yard knockback that I whined about all Beta testing season.

Typhoon now has a 3 second daze AND knocks things back about 10 yards (coming in 3.1)!

I’m now happy to say that the combined effect of the longer knockback and daze means that typhoon is FINALLY the “get out of my face” maneuver that moonkin been waiting for since Blizzcon!

Moonkin can now knock people off cliffs! Moonkin can now get off roots or cyclone (or maybe even both) before the player or mob can walk back into your face!

Thank you Devs for finally coming up with a version of this spell that actually does what it’s supposed to do!

Now, this isn’t going to fix all of moonkins’ problems, but it’s at least a very good start!

Thanks for catching this Hrothgrath!

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