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Bear tanking Newbie Tip: Bears can pull with hurricane


I spend a lot of time catering to new druid players, since I’ve been maintaining a leveling guide for the last few years. With dual-specs coming out, I’ve started thinking about how to make a tanking intro to add to my leveling guide. As a preview, I’m introducing one pulling technique, that I hardly ever see anyone else do: pull a group of mobs with hurricane and then shift to bear form when they’re getting close.

It makes a lot of sense – Hurricane is a good  AOE ability so it causes a pretty high amount of threat. It hits more targets than just Feral Faerie Fire alone. You gain 10 rage as you shift back into bear form, so have some rage when things get to you.

This strategy is best used for 5-man instances, with pulls where charging into the pack isn’t such a good idea. Some times, you just need a group of mobs to come to you, and your group may not be as likely to pull mobs off you if they start attacking before the mobs get to you.

The most important part of this strategy is to only let 1 or 2 ticks of your hurricane actually go through. If you aren’t in bear form before the mobs get to you, then you will have one really unhappy healer.

(for an interesting take on how to charge in and start swiping, check out Leatherbelly’s flying druid).

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How to PvE Heal in 3.1 guide now up!

4 tree naxx raidThe second in my series of druid guides (my first being the leveling guide), I now have up my 3.1 healing guide, under “pages”. I only have the first FIVE sections finished, but I wanted to get the preview of my new guide up on this blog now, so that it’s available as a resource for druids once patch 3.1 is complete.

All of the suggestions in the healing guide are based around introducing the 3.1 changes and how they will influence our healing style.

I will be unveiling the remaining sections over the next few weeks, as I find time in my schedule to finish writing it.

Feel free to leave feedback on it here if you have suggestions for improvements.

UPDATE: Pages 4 (Specs) & 5 (Glyphs) added!

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Blizzard’s Tribute to Resto4life

Resto4life was the premier example of what a great druid blog can be. Resto4life closing its doors is a really big loss to the druid community. The entire druid community will miss having this resource constantly kept up to date on everything a resto druid could ever possibly want to know.

On a personal level,  the closing of resto4life actually inspired me to start this blog. I admit that the creation date of this blog closely following the closing of resto4life is not just a coincidence. I can only hope that my little blog here can one day become half as good as the one Phaelia developed, however the bar was set so high that it’s a lofty goal I may still never achieve.

One really awesome tribute to resto4life is a chest piece that drops in Ulduar, called “Phaelia’s Vestments of the Sprouting Seed”.

It looks like even someone at Blizzard misses your blog Phallea!  Best of luck with your “sprouting seed!”

Phaelia's Vestments

Phaelia's Vestments of the Sprouting Seed

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Jumping on the bandwagon: Moonkin needs less spirit on 25-man T8 gear.

Yet another post about moonkin gear. I’m kinda tired of talking about moonkin PvP, so I’m going to jump on the T8 hate bandwagon…

Graylow put a really nice math post up in his moonkin blog today, showing how crit is basically better for both damage and regen than spirit for moonkin. While spirit wins out a little on regen (if you spend 3 points in intensity), crit is obviously better for damage returns than spirit, and thus having ample amounts of crit (and haste to some degree) on our tier gear is not worth trading to get gobs of spirit. I know we had this argument over gear during Beta, which is why we got a spirit -> damage conversion, but there will always be a limit to how MUCH spirit you can put on damage dealers’ gear before it’s just wasted stats.

We already managed to get the 2-piece T8 moonkin bonus changed to something more reasonable. I thought I’d draw more attention again to what weaknesses Graylow has found, since I figure that there’s some power in numbers if multiple people post constructively on the same topics.

Moonkin share non-set pieces with resto druids. All resto gear has gobs of spirit. Moonkin should have about the same amount of spirit on their tier gear as the warlock set does (which is 117), instead of the current 216 that it has, according to WoWhead’s breakdown. It would probably be acceptable to take the spirit off one piece and turn it into crit, as some sort of compromise. We could deal with having about 150 spirit on our tier sets. Our healing set has more crit than our moonkin DPS set. Something is seriously wrong with that.

Also, we’d like to trade one of the blue sockets for a red or orange socket. We don’t really want to have to gem for spirit or mana/5 just to get our socket bonuses, and not all of us have jewelcrafters to use the jewelcrafting gems to fill blue sockets. Resto can use blue sockets more than moonkin can, and moonkin have 1 more blue socket than resto. It’s really not right…

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