Monthly Archives: March 2009

Bear tanking Newbie Tip: Bears can pull with hurricane

I spend a lot of time catering to new druid players, since I’ve been maintaining a leveling guide for the last few years. With dual-specs coming out, I’ve started thinking about how to make a tanking intro to add to my leveling guide. As a preview, I’m introducing one pulling technique, that I hardly ever […]

How to PvE Heal in 3.1 guide now up!

The second in my series of druid guides (my first being the leveling guide), I now have up my 3.1 healing guide, under “pages”. I only have the first FIVE sections finished, but I wanted to get the preview of my new guide up on this blog now, so that it’s available as a resource […]

Blizzard's Tribute to Resto4life

Resto4life was the premier example of what a great druid blog can be. Resto4life closing its doors is a really big loss to the druid community. The entire druid community will miss having this resource constantly kept up to date on everything a resto druid could ever possibly want to know. On a personal level,  […]