Possible tree (healing) PvP talent change

Ghostcrawler is also paying attention to tree PvP, and is thinking about letting us keep the mana reduction for our spells whether or not we’re in moonkin form – so that PvP moonkin don’t have spells that cost 20% more mana than what PvE moonkin (who can actually stay in tree form) spend on the healing spells. More details here:

One change we are (probably) going to make that will help Resto PvP a little is this:

The Tree of Life talent currently grants bonus healing to group members and reduces the cost of your hots in tree form. We would like to change the talent to say “Reduces the mana cost of all your hots and also lets you go into tree form, which grants bonus healing.”

In other words, you would not need to be ToL to get the cheaper hots (in PvE or PvP) so long as you had the ToL talent. In PvP, you could still use tree form when you wanted to be more tanky but your efficiency would not be so bad when in caster form.

There’s a chance this change may not go live, so don’t totally get your hopes up. However, if it does, it should help resto pvp not be so bad. We know we’re getting a huge armor boost to tree form for PvP purposes, however you can’t always stay in tree form, so this should help with not making out of tree form healing mean OOM. It won’t somehow dramatically increase the usefulness of druid healers in PvP, but any improvements are welcome improvement.

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