Restokin banner contest!

Right now, I’m using a default wordpress template for restokin, that had all the features I needed, and looked cool enough that I could get away with using it for a while.

However,  the site grew bigger and faster than I was expecting, and I really need a good banner to go on my site that better reflects the content of the blog. Greymatter and the moonkin repository both recently had banner contests, and I was really impressed by the overall quality of the banners that were submitted to their sites.  So, borrowing a little from what Graylow did:

I know someone out there is a better artist than I am, and can come up with something better than me just writing “restokin” on a screenshot that I have on file.

So, so if your are an artist of some sort an would like to have some of your work displayed at the top of my blog, please submit a picture to my email address: lissanna70 (at)

Here are some general guidelines for the banner:

1. The banner size I want is 920 (W) x 200 (H). You could go up to 250 (H) if you wanted to, but the 920 (W) I don’t really want to change.

2. It should say “Restokin” somewhere on the picture. I would also like it to say “Lissanna’s Blog about Warcraft Druids” (or something very similar), which can be in smaller letters than the main blog title.

3. It should have at least a moonkin and a tree form druid on it. Bear and cat forms optional.

4. I don’t care if it is computer generated or done by hand. I just want it to look good.

So, other then that you are welcome to be creative! I won’t be giving away prizes to the top choices (I’m still in “starving graduate student” mode). However, I will be posting all the submissions and giving credit to the artists at the end of the contest.

Please try and send me all the submissions by April 15th. Obviously by submitting a banner your giving me permission to use the picture for my blog. 🙂

Thanks in advance!
Lissanna of Restokin

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One comment on “Restokin banner contest!
  1. Eglador says:

    You should maybe ask Noobie, he does quite good work making banners, and it’s for free for other bloggers 😀
    Here’s a link:


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