The Moonkin PvP fix: Typhoon & survivability talent needed

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With the moonkin PvP community really falling to pieces over the lack of information and changes, here are some simple band-aid fixes that would make moonkin PvP okay in the short-term, to buy time for long-term fixes later down the line:

1) The fix for Typhoon: The typhoon knockback needs to be 10 yards. A 5 yard knockback only works as a weak spell interrupt, which isn’t even reliable because of the way the spell mechanic works. Five yards is too short for the talent to be worthwhile.

In addition, if Typhoon is supposed to be the “get out of my face” ability, PvP moonkin need the typhoon glyph changed. Instead of lowering the cooldown by 3 seconds, it needs to add a 3 second root ability to hold people in place. This would get melee off your back just long enough to either escape or to be able to cast something, while still alowing people to attack and cast things. This gives moonkin a PvP a really good glyph that they would want to use, without it being overpowered, and without having to add something like a stun (which people would QQ about) or slow (which would be ineffective). You could add a silence type effect to it, but it wouldn’t effect melee, and I think typhoon is supposed to be more about getting melee off your back for a bit.

2) Need a PvP survivability talent: I actually recommend taking some more time to look into possibly gutting Owlkin Frenzy now. Keep in mind that I love the current version of owlkin frenzy, and would prefer another solution, but I’m running low on other ideas. We didn’t want you to gut it for PvE nerfs, but it would be possible to take away the PvE appeal by giving it really awesome PvP survivability at the expense of PvE damage increases. You can take off the spell pushback effect (that we can now get from celestial focus or the resto tree for things that matter), and add a defensive ability to the proc. It would, however, still need to proc off melee/cast/ranged, or it won’t be worth changing at all. If you did a really good job of making it appealing for PvP survivability, it would be possible to reduce the bonus damage to it, and make it more about surviving long enough instead of being able to do more damage, and reduce the “lol pve standing in a fire” problem you were originally trying to fix.

If you didn’t want to change owlkin frenzy, you could change Gale Winds to the PvP survivability talent, since it has the increased cyclone range. You could take off the hurricane damage increase, and move hurricane’s effect to another talent (wrath of Cenarius, maybe?), and then add PvP survivability directly to Gale Winds and make it a very clear PvP talent, instead of mixed PvP/PvE talent.

Both owlkin frenzy and gale winds are high enough that they wouldn’t have a strong influence on specs for either restoration or feral druids, so these two make the most logical choice of where to put the PvP survivability without having to add a completely new talent to further bloat the tree.

(I swear I’ll go back to posting about PvP soon, lol).

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