The relic system is out-dated

Back in the beginning of Azeroth, The only thing druids could put in their ranged weapon slot was Egan’s Blaster, a quest item from Eastern Plaguelands.


Yeah, that thing. It had no stats, but it was fun. We begged and pleaded and asked for something with stats to put in our ranged weapon slot. So, in patch 1.10, we got relics, relics, relics! The druid versions were called “idols.” Some were harder to attain than others, but at least you could finally replace your Egan’s Blaster, right?

I remember them mostly having really creative bonuses, like reducing the rage or energy cost of something. However, when BC rolled around, some of us didn’t want to give up those original bonuses (that felt more like the current glyphs than things like wand stats), because they scaled with us so well.  Thus, the creative and original bonuses on them got changed into just +damage or +healing to one ability.

Now, they’re all bland and boring. Sometimes, you can get one that will reduce the mana cost of something, or to give you a proc to boost a stat when you use a certain ability, or soemthing to try and look like it’s adding more flavor. However, it’s mostly just something with more stats.

So, why not consolidate all the druid, DK, paladin, and shaman glyphs into one type of relic we can all equip? Just slap the same type of stats that guns, bows, and wands have. Then, we won’t have to worry about: Is there a tanking idol? There would just be a tanking relic that DKs, paladins, and druids all share. Why should druids have to scramble and figure out what relic to use for healing when the current idols don’t look so appeaing anymore? There would be a healing relic that paladins, shaman, and druids would share.  There would also be a melee relic for DK’s, paladins, & druids. A spell casting DPS relic for shaman, & druids. They could even make a couple varieties of each at the tier levels (like with wands and bows!), since I know that these classes don’t share 100% of stats, but it would be far superior to the current system.

No longer would we need to complain whenever our main spec didn’t have an idol to buff it. No longer would we need to complain whenever our talents changed to make the current spells not as useful. All of our gear was consolidated for everything else, to the point that bears are now tanking in rogue DPS leather. I mean, this is the perfect system to dump and start over from scratch. Sure, we’d be sad to lose our massive bonuses to one spell, but since Blizzard wants us not just spamming one spell all the time, this would go a long way to buffing all the spells we’re supposed to be using.

If gear consolidation is the goal, then relic consolidation needs to come “soon.”

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One comment on “The relic system is out-dated
  1. Megami says:

    I couldn’t agree more, and I’ve been complaining about our sub-par options since they nerfed the rage idol in TBC. They are so highly specialized that it can be a pain to collect all of the necessary ones for our class’ roles. There has never been a large selection to choose with, as there is with normal ranged slot items. Not to mention they don’t have stats or sockets like many ranged items have.

    Some casters would say they’d love to have a wand that just added 165 spell power to their main nuke, but even with that kind of help we struggle to go toe to toe with a well played pure dps class. Why can’t idols have secondary stats, or 1 socket.

    Also, given the fact that there is usually only one idol per spec that is worth using, and in Balance’s case, it’s low drop % off of 1 boss in a 25 man raid, it excludes so many players who are stuck using a blue lvl 68 idol. I think they are adding some current idols to vendors to buy for badges, but again, they are still our only option and what are druids supposed to use in the meantime?

    It seems like Blizzard is sticking with the idol system as is, and we’re just going to have to hope that our limited options are worthy of 200+ ilvl that the good ranged items are. There needs to be way more options for us if they are to remain so specialized. Of course, they have always said they can’t spend the time to itemize the game for every class off-spec. =/


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