Tier 8 feral & resto, & balance set bonuses

The tier 8 set bonuses are out for feral and resto:

  • Druid T8 Feral 2P Bonus — The periodic damage dealt by your Rake, Rip, and Lacerate abilites has a chance to cause you to enter a Clearcasting state.

Looks like more clearcasting procs for feral druids, meaning that feral druids won’t have to spend rage or energy on their next attack. This is a pretty decent bonus for cats. It’s not so bad for bears, however I’m not sure how rage-starved bears were in the first place.

  • Druid T8 Feral 4P Bonus — Increases the duration of Savage Roar and Survival Instinct by 8 sec.

This is actually awesome for cat druids. A longer savage roar duration means that managing their buffs & debuffs (as I wrote about in an earlier entry)  just got easier. Bears and cats gain a longer survival instinct duration, where the increased health by 30% will last 28 seconds, still on a 5 minute cooldown. (Yay increased Bear-Stand duration for tanking!)

  • Druid T8 Restoration 2P Bonus — Increases the healing done by your Swiftmend spell by 10%.

I’m not that excited by this bonus, but maybe it will just encourage me to swiftmend more often. Keeping in mind that there is a glyph to prevent swiftmend from consuming your rejuv or regrowth, you can use it every time the cooldown is up and not lose anything in the process.

  • Druid T8 Restoration 4P Bonus — Your Rejuvenation spell also instantly heals your target for its periodic healing amount.

The healing forums seem really excited by this bonus. What it does is to give you an immediate tick, instead of being delayed a couple seconds. It doesn’t heal for the whole rejuv amount, the way swiftmend would, it only gives you ONE tick’s worth of healing. So, if your rejuv ticks for 1,000 – then it would heal for 1,000 immediately. If your rejuv ticks for 2,000 – then it would heal for 2,000 immediately.

The combined resto 2-piece and 4-piece bonus makes rejuvination (with swiftmending) the great choice for raid healing while waiting on Wild Growth’s 6 second cooldown.

  • Druid T8 Balance 2P Bonus — Increases the bonus granted by Eclipse for Starfire and Wrath by 6%.

More buffs to Eclipse? I guess the developers really want us to like that talent. Since Eclipse is already a pretty good damage bonus, having an even higher crit chance for starfire, or a higher damage bonus to wrath, isn’t half bad. Then again, why trade a flat 5% crit all the time (T7 bonus) for this more random 6% crit bonus? It won’t be worth trading up for this 2-piece bonus.

  • Item – Druid T8 Balance 4P Bonus — Each time your Insect Swarm deals damage, you have a chance to make your next Starfire cast within until cancelled instant.

The wording on this one is kindof funny, I’m not sure if it’s MMO-champion or blizzard. However, instant starfires would be a nice bonus to periodically have. We’d need to know the proc chance to fully evaluate it. This may just make moonkin’s DPS even more spiky and random, but I suppose we’ll take what instant-casts we can get. The moonkin community isn’t yet sure that it’s worth dropping the Tier 7 bonus for (losing a flat 5% crit to get a chance to proc something?).


At least it looks cool. Then again, why do we just have a moon on our foreheads instead of a whole helm graphic?

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