Where are the new druid form graphics?

In Beta for Wrath of the Litch King, there were glyphs introduced that were supposed to give bear and cat form new graphics.

The developers decided against those glyphs, in favor of making new graphics that they would reveal to us when they were ready. They talked some about it at Blizzcon, when the druid community asked about it during class pannels, and I know I talked about it to Blizzard employees off-camera that weekend while I was in town. We were even hoping to see options for moonkin and trees to possibly be able to customize things like leaf or feather colors.

We know that Ghostcrawler last gave us an update in December, saying that they planned on updating our form graphics, but that it was going to take some time. Apparently, 4 years isn’t enough time to make the travel form graphic no longer a place holder, as we were originally told. According to the EU forums, this is still something the artists are working on, as of February 18, 2009

While other classes get armor upgrades, I have the same bear form that was being tossed around in Molten Core raids:


So, when are we getting our new forms? It doesn’t look like 3.1 is the patch. Are we going to have to scour the patch notes every few months in hopes that we get to actually have customizable graphics, colors, or types? How can they have a billion hunter pets for hunters to choose, armored bear mounts for us to ride, and time to make a new graphic for starfire… but not have time to update our form graphics? Do we have to wait until the next expansion to have something new?

I even posted in the Beta for WotLK that they could just recycle the old ZG tiger graphic that used to be from a weapon proc just to give cat form a better look.

At this point, they could also just offer different color options for the moonkin & tree graphics we already have, as they just recycled existing models for those in the first place, and we’d happily accept it for now.

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2 comments on “Where are the new druid form graphics?
  1. Kantankerus says:

    I had wondered this the other day too. Only thing that I though of was ‘Notice how they’ve not mentioned the new dancing foo at all recently as well?’

    All I can surmise is, 3.2.

  2. josnappy says:

    WAASSSSUUUP?!??!?! i’m josnappy, the newly intruduced druid on horde side of realm=Veknilash, and i had a few questions for u:::

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    2-are druids so godlike in healing that even though they r balance, they can till heal in SM when they r lvl 30????
    3- i am having a tough time finding a place to quest and my favorite places are somewhat out of option due to my next question, can u help me with a good place?
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