Where did druid PvP survivability go?

When I was a young druid, our goal was to simply outlast our opponents, and hope that eventually they either surrendered, or we’d eventually realize we were no match for their power and we would use our escape abilities to flee from the scene. Even Flintlocke’s comic perfectly captured what it felt like to PvP as a druid. You weren’t really a threat, but you usually weren’t worth trying to kill for a lot of classes, either. You just wouldn’t die.

Fast forward to Wrath of the Litch King: Now, one of moonkin druids’ biggest problems is not surviving long enough. Tree form also just got a huge armor boost to help with their survivability. I mean, seriously, our healing form doesn’t have enough survivability? Something is seriously wrong with this picture. I’d blame it on increased druid damage, but trees can’t even do damage.

What is wrong with the current state of PvP if what was once considered the high survivability class is having survivability problems? It looks like feral is still hanging in okay, due to cat having stuns and fairly good damage output, and tanking talents available to feral druids who can “tank” in their damage gear. Tree form may be okay with the increased armor, but healing in PvP is going to be harder now that lifebloom costs twice the mana, so we still aren’t sure how it will turn out in 3.1. Moonkin PvP has been basically ignored, and some PvP moonkin are close to giving up hope for fixes in the future. Moonkin seem to need some sort of survivability fixes soon, before they go extinct.

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