Wowinsider crits my blog for over 9000


WoWinsider posted about my blog, and I went from having about 100 visits a day to KABOOM exploding server in the matter of an hour or so. (Thank you for the publicity, WoW insider! I’m at over 4,000 visitors so far today.)

We’re aware of the earlier crashing problems, thank you everyone for being patient and understanding. It may be a little up and down for a while, but we’re doing the best we can to keep it stable. If this site has to go offline in the near future to get transferred to a new hosting site, I’ll make sure to post more updates.

However, we think it should be at least up and running through most of the transition over the next two or so weeks. I’ll also do my best to let you guys know in advance when the switchover will likely happen.

Just “bear” with me.  We apparently underestimated how fast this site would grow. We also expected our hosting provider to be a little better able to handle it (My boyfriend does all the computer stuff, and if it’s broken, it’s not my fault!)

If you are looking for my druid leveling guide, there is a copy of it up in the WoW forums, as well (here’s a link to the first page of the leveling guide thread on the more stable WOW forums), if the one here is sluggish.

I also posted my healing 3.1 guide on the official WoW druid forums (without a lot of the great format, but basically the same content). So, you can now view that guide, as well, from the regular druid forums.

I’m really excited to have my own website/blog set up, so I’ll be posting and updating frequently. Thanks for reading!

Also, that’s NOT my tattoo (Update: the picture is Zeerah’s awesome tattoo that was posted on WOWinsider a couple months ago).

Update: We may have to wait a month or two before transferring this site to another service provider.  If we’re really having problems, I’ll try to get it to happen sooner, but we haven’t had the domain registered long enough to transfer it yet. It seems like after the initial influx, the site has been staying up, so we should be okay for a while.


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6 comments on “Wowinsider crits my blog for over 9000
  1. Mike says:

    I just found you through WoW insider and found an enormous amount of valuable information here. I appreciate your multiple, thoughtful approaches to the new flavor of raid and tank healing, and after about 20 minutes of reading your well-organized posts, I feel much more confident about the post 3-LB stack era.

  2. Merick says:

    The tattoo belongs to Zeerah and was posted about on wowinsider on an earlier article in january.

  3. Sinne says:

    Hi Lissanna. I am having a debate with my guildies and we are wondering if you are the same person that was on Sentinels for a short time. Email me if it’s easier. Thanks!

  4. Lissanna says:

    Yes, I was on Sentinels for about 6 months-ish during Burning Crusade (I was on Cenarion Circle, then Sentinels, and now I’m on Elune). I had to follow my boyfriend & his friends, so I did a bit of server-hopping during BC…

  5. boomdaddy says:

    Gratz on the WowInsider crit!

  6. Zipolo says:

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