You have received RL achievement…

Lissanna’s player has received the achievement [Professional Master] in Real life.

So, I won’t post very often about things in my personal life. However, I just finished defending my master’s thesis today (which is the middle, rather than the end, of my PhD program), and that two hours was more draining than I thought it would be, so I don’t have anything of substance to post today.

So, once I finished defending my thesis, and my committee was all like “congrats!”, I had the great letdown of not getting an in-game achievement for it. No text box and points or anything. I mean, I want everyone to know that I worked hard, right? So, why are there no in-game achievements for actually managing to accomplish things outside of the game?

Then again, once I finish all the paperwork, at the end of the semester I earn a title (Master). So, then, everyone can call me Master Lissanna…. Or, maybe not, since my name’s not really Lissanna in real life… Maybe one day, people like Ghostcrawler will be able to add his real life titles to his forum posting name, so he can be “Ghostcrawler, PhD.” Oh the possiblilities…


I’ll post more substance tomorrow.

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8 comments on “You have received RL achievement…
  1. Paininabox says:

    Congratulations! I can’t imagine the amount of work and time it took, not only because I’ve never been in that position but also because I’m allergic to it(work). Well, more like to starting it.

    Anyways, grats!

  2. Keeva says:

    Congratulations 🙂

  3. scaresome says:

    I’ll say first that I got my Masters about 20 years ago and it was the best investment of time and effort I could possibly make.

    Second, having an outlet like blogging and WoW to offset the “daily grind” of RL is awesome.


  4. Tei says:

    I am currently in the same boat. I give you props for finding the time, patience, and resolve to getting this done. Now if I could only find the right topic…

  5. DM7000 says:


  6. Owen says:

    Congrats! What subject was your PhD in?

  7. Sydera says:

    Congrats, Lissanna! I received my PhD this year after a long fight with the thesis (my PhD is in Romance Languages by the way, dissertation on Arthurian legend). It was very much an anticlimactic moment. They gave me a lollipop that said PhinisheD on the label and I was thinking “is this it?” However, all the work and struggle took place long before I went to the office to file. You’re halfway through–yay! Bad news is, there’s still the thesis to go.

  8. Pix says:

    Congrats, that’s wonderful! And I’m sure this won’t do exactly what you’re looking for, but perhaps it’ll help to at least see it in writing?
    Create your own Achievement signature:


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