A change will do you good…

As a long time player, I go through periods of time where I like playing the game more or less. Lately, as much as I like posting on the forums & my blog, I haven’t had much of a desire to play the actual game.

So, I decided to apply to a new guild and leave my old one. I’m hoping that a change in guild, along with having a better chance to progress in Ulduar content, will help make the game more fun and interesting again. The group of people I’ve been playing with since I transferred to Elune is a nice group of people, but I’m just not having fun raiding with them anymore. They’ve been drama-ful enough that we had to split off into a new guild recently, and while we’re progressing, it’s at a pace that I’m just not happy with. However, I also really hate leaving guilds. I really wish I could just find one guild and stick with it forever. I think of guild members as my friends (even if I don’t know them in real life). So, I’ve stayed in a somewhat not happy raiding situation for a while out of a sense of loyalty to the guild I was in.

However, this weekend I finally got up the courage to leave and join a new guild on my server. So, I should soon be a member of Conspiracy on Elune. I really hope that I’ll like this raiding environment better.

Anyway, while I was working on all of this stuff, I found the Wordy Warrior blog. While I don’t normally read warrior blogs, this one actually has really good general advice for guild relations (how to get along better with your current officers, how to apply to a new guild, etc.).

So, anyway, I’ve been distracted enough with my guild swap that I didn’t save time for writing a whole druid related blog post today. I thought I’d ask you guys: How do you know when it is time to give up on your current guild and find a new one? Or, have you stayed in one guild and stick it out through good times and bad?

At this point, I figure that changing guilds is better than leaving the game altogether. I like WoW, and I think a lot of people are feeling a slump right now (Naxx isn’t that interesting, patch 3.1 is taking too long to come out). In the end, I like raiding, and I need to be in an environment where I am having fun raiding with a guild, and it hasn’t been fun for a while, so I finally knew it was time for a change. I really hate leaving guilds, to the point that it normally makes me cry, since it’s like leaving your home and friends that you made along the way. I just hope I’ll have more fun in my new guild.

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6 comments on “A change will do you good…
  1. Icedragon says:

    Awww /hug

    Sorry about the guild troubles, I went through the same thing a few weeks after hitting 80. As painful as it was, I had to resign as GL and find a new guild, but it turned out to be a great decision.

    Fun and happiness > dreary and depressed
    Raiding > not raiding
    Chickens > turkeys

  2. Sydera says:

    Hey Lissanna,

    I applaud your decision. I’ve had to leave a guild that I was an officer in. For months, I had been working to change our pace of progression–being selective in recruiting, working on performance, scolding people into preparing properly for raids–but in the end, it didn’t win me any friends. Most of the other officers disliked me because I thought we sucked as a raiding team. Now, at times we really did. We’d kill a boss one week, like Bloodboil, and wipe to him on successive weeks because we had poor attendance and some inept players on the roster. We killed Illidan only once, because after we’d done that, it lost the thrill and we wiped to him thereafter. We managed to kill Archimonde, but it was only possible because one of our worst players was working nights that week. In any case, I came to the realization that the guild’s values and my values were very different. I actually WAS being an asshole by trying to force my way of doing things on them. So, leaving was by far the best option. I wish I’d done it months sooner than I did, but I left at the release of the expansion, and it turned out to be a very good decision. Ironically, in my new guild, I get to be “nice” and relatively one of the least hardcore players. I much prefer being on that end of the spectrum than the other. I’d rather be a nurturer than an enforcer, but my personality (teacher by occupation) won’t let me ignore bad play. Something in me has just got to correct mistakes. As for my former guild, they’ve (ironically) made a lot of the changes I suggested and they’ve killed Sarth 3D at least once, which is something the guild I knew could never have done. Funny, isn’t it? There’s a case where I gquit, politely, before drama got beyond the officer corps, and it did both me and my former guild a lot of good. Sometimes a gquit is the best, or only, medicine for unhappiness in the game.

  3. Megami says:

    I’ve been in 4 raiding guilds since I started playing WoW at release. My first guild, I was the co-creator and an officer. We managed to kill the first few bosses in MC but we couldn’t get the numbers to make any significant progress. When ZG came out I was excited because it was going to be easier to get the numbers but there was so much drama because people thought ‘group 1’ was better than ‘group 2’ yadda yadda.

    So then after much discussion the other officers and I decided to merge with a large raiding guild, we thought people would like it since we wouldn’t just be leaving our guild with no leadership, and most people did like it but a few were furious. From that I learned that it’s better just to move to a guild yourself and not worry about everyone else, you can still be friends with people and not be in the same guild. Every guild I’ve been in, I’ve been a member of it for at least a year. I know people who hop guilds all the time for different reasons, but I like to get to know people I raid with. We address a lot of people in my current guild by their first names.

    My other 2 departures were amicable and I believe there were no hard feelings between anyone, and I’m grateful for it. I also enjoy just being a regular member and maybe being a “mentor” to newer ones.

  4. Daez says:

    For me, I know it’s time to leave when I notice one or more of these criteria:

    A: Every time I log into a guilded character, I want to log back out and onto one of my unguilded or other-guilded alts.

    B: I look at who’s online/the roster and realize I don’t know or recognize more than a small handful of names… nor do I want to.

    C: When I entertain thoughts of quitting the game… or using quitting as an excuse to no longer have to deal with the guild or it’s members.

    Good for you on being able to make the decision to leave, by the way. A lot of people try to tough it out when they “shouldn’t” and just end up burning bridges. Sometimes it’s better to simply cut the strings and move on in as amicable a way as possible.

    Good luck to you, Liss, and I hope your new guild brings you what you’ve been lacking! 😀

  5. Areael says:

    Just realized you are on Elune; if for any reason the new guild doesn’t work out for you, I’m fairly sure I can wrangle you an invite to Damnation on Elune based on your forum posts and general knowledge. (We are Alliance side, however, and I’m not sure which side you are..) We’d be glad to have you.

    As for leaving a guild? I’ve been playing since a month after commercial release, and I’ve been in a total of 3 guilds, two of which are the same guild, so…yea.

    Feel free to contact me ingame via mail or whisper, through Damnation’s website (http://www.damnationguild.net/website/news.php) or by my personal email linked to this message.

  6. Viscount says:

    I joined my first guild at level 40, I didnt join a guild before then cause I didnt understand them and I didnt want to be in one till I felt unnoobish. Well I was still noobish at the time (a problem that didnt get fixed till much later) and I think I lucked into a really good guild.
    We were a growing freind guild to begin with and after the original leaders quit and turned it over to my close game buddies and I as officers and leaders we made it a more raiding intense guild. We were second on our server and didnt progress as far or fast as we wanted to but that was because we were in a server that was not very horde freindly. We did see all raid content in BC except the last half of sunwell. We went into raid full blown in wrath and have done every boss, sarth3d and are working on imortal.
    I couldnt imagine playing with another guild and I think if I got tired of them it would mean I am tired of the game. The personel have changed alot but it still has the same ideals and princibles it had when I first joined. Even though Alliance has a higher population the horde side top two guilds are much faster progressed then them and have server firsts.
    We have had drama but it happens everywhere. My first guild is my home and I think I would have long gotten bored with the game otherwise.
    I have almost left a time or two but never could bring myself to do it because I would hang with the new guild on an alt and find that it didnt feel the same.
    But people have to play how they will play to make them happy always, this is my way. You have to find your own.


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