Achievements that you are most proud of?

achievement I have been thinking about one of the recent “shared topics” listed on Blog Azeroth. Some responses to this topic were posted on the Twisted Nether last week. This topic asked: “what three achievements arae you most proud of?”

Personally, I really enjoy the achievement system. I used to be on an RP server for several years, and I care about running around, exploring, and being rewarded for doing silly things. I did silly things before there was an achievement system to reward me for doing them! While I don’t have tons of time to complete achievements, I do consider a couple of them to be very important for my druid.

First, what I consider to be the most druid-related achievement is my “Guardian of Cenarius” achievement and title. This requires you to be exalted with the two factions that I consider to be druid-related: the Cenarion Circle and the Cenarion Expedition.

Second, since my druid has been a raider since way back in the day, my “Classic Raider” achievement is very important to me. The only faction I had to go back and re-complete after the achievement system came out was AQ40. Other than that, credit for all those earlier raid instances were given to me when the system first came out, since I had held onto gear (or completed quests) from all the other instances to get credit for it. For my druid, remembering where I came from is important.

Third, as druids enjoy bringing HUMOR to the World of Warcraft, my “merrymaker” achievement and title are particularly special to me, especially since I run around all year looking like a tree…

I suppose while I’m on the topic of achievements, I should also plug Krypter’s Achievement Database. It’s a fun site for people who like tracking achievements and seeing what achievements other people have. It is created and run by the CSF “regulars, (ie. people who spend a lot of time posting on the Customer Service forum),

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3 comments on “Achievements that you are most proud of?
  1. scaresome says:

    Chef Scaresome!!

  2. Jalindrine says:

    You know, I’m a little upset I started over with my fishing — 100 fish? Seriously? My fishing’s over 300!

    I guess I’m proud of having 1000 quests completed, but for the most part the achievements system hasn’t gotten me too excited. Where’s my “soloed Lord Roccor 20 times” achievement? Or my “20% of playtime spent in zones where I was underleveled?”

    But check back after I ding 80. ;^) Then I’ll probably give them a more serious look.

  3. Kiliani says:

    Ahh, let’s see… I guess I’m pretty happy with the 3000 quests completed one – I did a load of quests pre-BC, took forever to level, went from zone to zone and did every quest I picked up, no matter how long it took me. I missed a few here and there, and I never got the head of Broodlord for the AQ scepter quest chain until after 3.0 when my guildies went back to BWL for the achievement, so I didn’t have Loremaster of Kalimdor right away.

    I’m 10 Icecrown quests (all group quests, of course) away from the Loremaster meta-achievement. I helped a few guildies get theirs done, so I’ll be calling in my favors for that soon.

    As for disappointments with the achievement system, it’s slightly frustrating to me that while I got a Feat of Strength for my Commander title earned, all those battlegrounds I ran to get it and all the wins I racked up can’t be counted for the current PVP achievements. I’ve lost the desire to PVP on my druid, mostly because of the insane burst damage most classes can put out and the lack of healers to keep my feathery butt alive, and the thought of having to start from scratch for 100 wins in WSG, AV, and AB makes me /mourn.


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