Another look at haste for caster druids

Haste & moonkin

Graylo posted on his blog about haste for moonkin. He came to the same conclusions that I’ve seen posted around since PTR testing for 3.1, so it’s good to see a numerical validation of what I’ve been telling people on the WoW druid forums already… His post concluded that 400 haste rating was an ideal amount if you are using a solar rotation (with full raid buffs), since this is the number where wrath would clip the global cooldown.

For a lunar rotation, you can use as much haste as you want without any problems, since we can’t accumulate enough for starfire to clip the GCD – and the amount of time that wrath will clip the GCD in a lunar rotation will generally be low.


Haste & Healing trees

If you are a healer using nourish a lot, since it is the same cast time as wrath is for moonkin (only you don’t have the 3% extra that moonkin do), you would need a little more than 15% haste to get nourish casts that start clipping the GCD with full raid buffs (including imp moonkin aura, shaman totems, & Nature’s Grace procs). This would put you around 500 haste rating (and you could have more haste than that if you were missing those raid buffs, and more than that for any cast when you aren’t under the effects of Nature’s Grace). So, resto druids should be able to pick up a fair amount of haste before nourish clips the GCD in most situations.

For regrowth, it would take even more haste to clip the 1 second GCD cap, so if you are using regrowth a lot, you can pretty much pick up any amount of haste on gear and not worry about it clipping at our current gear level. For HOTs with the Gift of the Earth Mother talent, calculations taken before raid buffs or Nature’s Grace concluded that 505 was the amount of haste for HOTs to stop receiving a benefit, according to posts on the plus heal forums.

Dreambound Druid also worked out a whole chart for how haste interacts with our healing spells, if you want to see a graph with pretty numbers for a bunch of our spells. I think it is just based on haste without taking into account raid buffs (shaman totems, imp moonkin form haste that reduces healing cast times if you have a moonkin in the raid, etc).

In March, Averna at Nerf this Druid wrote out advice & math for thinking about crit versus haste on healing gear. Averna comes to the conclusion that haste is still slightly better for resto druids than crit, since our HOTs can’t crit, but their GCDs can be lowered with haste.

In my own gear choices, I pretty much just stick with going for whatever gear has the best item level – with more spell power, int, & spirit. I like trying to get a healthy amount of both haste and crit, though my haste rating right now is a lot lower than I would like it to be, since all my Naxx gear I picked up had crit and no haste on it.

Graylo concluded for moonkin that gemming for haste & eating haste food wasn’t a good use of resources. I’m going to have to second this, and add that it’s probably not that great of an idea for healing druids, either. Something with spell power is going to give both moonkin & tree druids more than putting pure-haste gems in your gear. Spell power food, fish feasts, or mana/5 food is going to be better for resto druids than haste food, in general.

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3 comments on “Another look at haste for caster druids
  1. scaresome says:

    Ah, thanks. My little lvl 74 noob tree has a haste gem in one of his slots, silly me. I’ll stick some plus spirit in there, now with confidence!

  2. Arranum says:

    Hello Lissana,
    I first encountered your writings on the Wrath Beta Forums and was able to move into the current expansion with a lot of preparation as I evolved my role.

    As my guild has moved through Ulduar, I’ve evolved a style which seems me pretty much assigned raid healing concentrating on +haste and working with rejuv, wild growth, and lifebloom, as a raid healer.

    The emphasis on haste has made me look at the argument of Living Seed/Natural Perfection vs Celestial Focus (and picking um say Brambles on the way for a little extra tank agro – although it could be anything on that tier).

    While LS would be good for a Nourish loaded tank healer build, what’s your thoughts on how far a raid healing druid should emphasize +haste? Is LS something we can give up?

    Best Wishes
    Argent Dawn

  3. Lissanna says:

    If your spells aren’t going to be critting that much, then you don’t really need living seed or natural perfection a whole lot (however, your crit rating should count towards lifebloom’s bloom). Lifebloom can’t proc living seed when it crits, so if you aren’t using regrowth (which you should, even as a raid heal), or nourish (which is primarily a tank heal), then haste is going to do more for you than crit-based things…


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