Balance leveling talent update (preview for leveling guide)

I’ve been working on updating my leveling guides for 3.1, however I won’t update the final versions of the guides until after the patch, since links to builds tend to break around patch time.  However,  I wanted to leave you something to look at and discuss while I’m at a research conference this weekend, so I thought I’d release this early as a blog post while I’m gone.

This preview is updated with player suggestions on my old build, and trying to stay with what I thought made the most sense. There are (obviously) many different choices you could make along the way, and there really isn’t one singular way to do anything.

Here is the current leveling build I’m suggesting to use while leveling a moonkin druid:

From the balance tree:

  • 10-14: Starlight Wrath 5/5 – Decreased casting time means more damage done.
  • 15-17: Moonglow 3/3 – At low levels, you’ll have to stop and drink all the time, but this will give you a little more mana efficiency.
  • 18-19: Nature’s Majesty 2/2  – A little crit is nice, and you have to take it to unlock later talents.
  • 20: Nature’s Splendor 1/1 – Makes your moonfire (and soon insect swarm) last longer.
  • 21-23: Nature’s Grace 3/3 – gives you haste bonus (speeds up your casting) after you get a critical strike.
  • 24: Nature’s Reach 1/2 – gives you longer range
  • 25-27: Celestial Focus 3/3 – Gives you spell pushback protection for starfire (yay!). Also speeds up your casting times (ie. gives you haste).
  • 28-30: Vengeance 3/5 – Only put three in here for now. We’ll come back and fill the rest out later!
  • 31: Insect Swarm 1/1 – Got a nice damage boost in the 3.1 patch. This should be worthwhile for leveling now.
  • 32-34: Lunar Guidance 3/3  – Increases your spell power, based on how much intellect you have.
  • 35-37: Moonfury 3/3 – Increases your damage done for starfire, moonfire, & wrath
  • 38-39: Dreamstate 2/3 – Gives you some mana regeneration, but only put 2 in here for now so you can get:
  • 40: Moonkin 1/1 – Yay! Finally moonkin form!
  • 41: Dreamstate 3/3 – Now, you can go back and put the final point in dreamstate.
  • 42-43: Vengeance 5/5 – You can also go back and put those last 2 points in vengeance.
  • 44-45: Balance of Power 2/2 – Increases your chance to hit things, and decreases their chance to hit you.
  • 46-48: Imp Moonkin 3/3 – Gives you and your group more haste (for even faster cast times), and gives you more spell damage from spirit.
  • 49 – 2/2 Nature’s Reach – This is a good point to fill out that talent before you get…
  • 50: Treants! – Summons little tree buddies to attack for you.
  • 51-55: Wrath of Cenarius 5/5 – Gives you more damage
  • 56-58: Earth and Moon 3/3 – Even more spell damage
  • 59-61: Owlkin Frenzy 3/3 – When something hits you, you do more damage & don’t get interrupted.
  • 62: Starfall 1/1 – A new AOE spell
  • 63-64: 2/2 Gale Winds – Buffs your AOE spells (hurricane & starfall), so you can kill more things at once.

Dipping into restoration:

  • 65-69: Furor 5/5 – Increases your intellect in moonkin form.
  • 70-71 – Imp Mark of the Wild 2/2 – Increases stats by 2% and also increases your MOTW buff.
  • 72-74: Natural Shifter 3/3
  • 75: OOC 1/1 – When you gain this buff, your next spell cast is free.
  • 76-77: Master Shape Shifter 2/2: increases your damage done by 4%.

Here is what the talent build would look like.

At that point, there are still 3 talent points left to spend, which you could invest in Eclipse, brambles, or intensity while finishing your way up to 80. At level 80, you would change your talent spec into whatever spec bests fits your role at level 80.

Feel free to leave comments & suggestions on the current version of the leveling build. This spec is still subject to change, and may not be free of typos, as this is in “draft” version.

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6 comments on “Balance leveling talent update (preview for leveling guide)
  1. Fisherman says:

    Thanks for all the info! I’m glad to see a great Boomkin/Tree blog exists! I’ve been chacking it daily. Keep up the good work! =]

  2. LXj says:

    I recently levelled a moonkin from 40 to 60 and here are my thoughts:

    Nature’s Splendor — most mobs while levelling will die before second application of dots. IMHO this is mostly talent for resto druids (like Genesis)

    Dreamstate will give very little effect before Outland (or even Northrend) gear. I think getting something like 10 mp5 is not the best investment of 3 talents. The same is true for Lunar Guidance (though it sucks less)

    Overall while levelling talents which scale with stats suck.

    Owlkin Frenzy should be taken ASAP. This is simply our dreams coming true! (new celestial focus is less important with barkskin+frenzy, but may be worth keeping)

    About other talents:

    Eclipse usually procs when mob dies and lasts all the time I spend running to the next mob 🙂

    I wouldn’t skip imp. moonfire. First, don’t forget about moonfire spam 😀 Second, more NG procs is good.

    Over all balance these days is much less painful after level 40 than pre-wotlk. It’s also better than feral before level 15 (when you can get an imba maul glyph), but drinking almost after every pull sucks, so at level 15 I would respec feral.

    Maul glyph is very cool! I nearly outdpsed everyone while tanking Dead Mines 😀 The thing is when you have 2+ targets on you, you generate more rage, so you can activate maul on almost every swing. And it hits 2 targets! This produces more damage than if you swiped 5 targets! Surviving gets hard though 😀

    Lifeblood helps with surviving a lot. Pick up herbalism! It will also help you with earning money for glyph of maul and aquatic form.

    At level 16/ you can get aquatic form (no need for doing quest anymore) and glyph it. After that — guess what? — go do the quest for aquatic form! It’s much easier to do when you swim at 130% speed, and now it rewards very nice blue belt with hit and crit (good for both feral and balance), and also heals you on use (without dropping the form — which again increases survivability of the bear)

    At level 20 you get kitty form, which is very good for single target dps. However I would suggest not reglyphing, and to use cat form when you pull single mobs, and switch to bear form if you have adds. Use CC if there are more than 2 mobs.

  3. LXj says:

    Also: I would not skip Typhoon.

  4. Lissanna says:

    This got pushed out a little earlier than I was quite ready for because of A) having to come up with content that could get posted up while I was gone, and B) It getting posted up earlier than I was expecting because Daisil had RL stuff that came up and prevented him from being able to cover for me while I was gone.

    I’ll take all the feedback stuff into consideration when I revise it again. I’m waiting until after 3.1 to actually finalize the builds because 90% of my build links break around the time of major patches…

  5. Erdluf says:

    Looks pretty good to me. I am a fan of Brambles for leveling, but I’m not sure where to pick it up.

    On the resto side, how about taking IMotW before Furor? At low 60’s a point in IMotW is all attributes by 1%+2, plus some armor and resistance. A point in Furor is 2% int.

    Leveling in Outland’s, I think I’d prefer 1% stats to 2% int, and that +2 is probably close to another 1% anyway.

    I think you should also recommend glyphs, although I’m not sure when they become available (and affordable to a leveling non-alt).

  6. Lissanna says:

    I actually do have a glyph section in my already existing leveling guide (the last page with “what to wear” of the guide).


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