Blizzard unlearned druid talent points this morning.

So, last night I got all my new talents up and running. I gemmed my moonkin hit set. I spent time flopping back and forth between tree form and moonkin form. I was a happy little restokin.

Then, I logged in this morning and saw:



It looks like Blizzard unlearned all of the druid class’ talents this morning…

So, please do not be alarmed, but do give yourselves enough time to re-learn your talents tonight before trying to raid Ulduar without talent points…

In order to address a fairly notable discrepancy, talent points were again refunded to all Druids between the hours of 4am to 6am PDT this morning. May I ask if each of you specc’d prior to these hours?

Here’s a post on the Customer Service forum about it. Thanks Syndri!

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12 comments on “Blizzard unlearned druid talent points this morning.
  1. Chipster says:

    I think the reasoning behind this was that druids sometimes had too many talent points yesterday.

    If you armory me (Chipster on Terokkar) you will see that my Resto spec has 72 talent points.

  2. aramis says:

    I hate being deployed in Afghanistan at times like this…I’m missing the fun stuff!

    My download for the patch is barely at 684mb/742mb. *sigh*

    But all this waiting has allowed me to fully search all the info stuff you provided Lissanna, so thanks for all that! I think I’m going to TRY the Resto-Kin dual spec. I’ve NEVER tried Boomkin, so this should be a new experience, which is actually quite exciting.

    My question then would be from the glyphs…do you like the one for Moonfire? I like the DOT increase but man, that 90%initial hit drop seems quite unattractive.

  3. scaresome says:

    Got the dual spec achievement last night and felt soooo talented!

    This morning, I had to re-do it! I stressed for about five minutes, thinking I’d done it wrong last night or not saved it properly.

    Hate to say it, but I’m glad it happened to you too.

    Happy hunting!

  4. Lissanna says:

    For the moonfire glyph – it’s a required raiding moonkin glyph, good for instancing, as well. It increases the overall damage done in a raid situation, where you are using the starfire glyph to refresh the duration.

    For soloing, your DOTs aren’t likely going to do enough damage over time for it to matter.

  5. Beruthiel says:

    Argh! I know my resto spec like the back of my hand, but I’m going to have to look up my moonkin spec again >.<

    Do you know if we are required to go back and retrain things as well?

  6. Justin says:

    I also had 72 talent points in my resto build. My moonkin build had its normal 71 points. Perhaps the change was related to that.

  7. Wintersdark says:

    Awesome! I was all excited but really tired, and hastily specced Kittydps and ranking as my dual specs, then realized I didn’t have -my- build anymore. I spend a lot of time solo and helping small groups, and prefer to have a hybrid feral build on hand for that stuff. This’ll save me 50g. Kitty+hybrid it will be!

  8. Keeva says:

    Random people (of all classes) are also finding that their talents have been reset at various times.

    So for the first few days I would make a habit of checking your talents when you first log in.

    (PS it was funny to be almost ready to pull a boss, hit my ToL button and find nothing happened….)

  9. Jalindrine says:

    The worst part of it is replacing insect swarm, starfall, typhoon, etc in your action bars. It drives me mad. ;^)

  10. Sylly says:

    yep I had a little window of playtime this evening. Was hoping to get into the Argent Tournament and check it out a bit, since last night I found it and picked up the quests but that was all I could do before yawns overcame me and I staggered off to bed. Instead of getting to enjoy the game when I got home, however, I spent far too much time re-doing two specs and rebuilding my action bars. Sad day. /sniff /wound licking

  11. Pix says:

    Remember when we used to be excited about refunded talent points? I was not happy when I had to redo all my feral talents and the action bar I had taken literally probably 20 min or more working out only to find half of it deleted. My resto I’ve down, I know what I need where, etc. But feral… there are SOOOOOO many freaking attacks/spells/etc. Ugh! =P

  12. Pix says:

    They did it again…


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