Druids R 4 Innervate!

Today’s history lesson: Innerate used to be the center of the entire druid class’ purpose in the game. We came to Molten Core so we could innervate priests. Here’s a video explaining what I mean (y’all should recognize this by now):

Innervate used to be the end-tier restoration talent. Before Burning Crusade went live, innervate became trainable, and we got swiftmend in it’s place. Swiftmend was wonderful, and now all druids could spec whatever they wanted and still had innervate. Yay! (we also became better for more than just being innervate-bots, lol).

Now to the purpose of this post: Innervate has always been based off spirit. It’s basically been the same spell since the beginning of Live WoW. However, the 3.1 patch heavily nerfed the out-of-casting regen which innervate is based on.  This made all druids sad.  /sniffle

The change is not that bad in raid situations for resto druids (or moonkin) who have TONS of spirit on our gear. It is, however, really bad for PvP where Blizzard doesn’t itemize spirit (and you can’t count on having a replenishment source). So, Blizzard is thinking of changing the way innervate works:

We’d like to make a change where Innervate always restrores about the same total mana (say 15,000 at level 80). That’s good for PvP but not overpowered for PvE, and has the added bonus of being more useful to non-Spirit based casters as well.

So, IF this kind of change went live, it would reduce the value of spirit for PvE a bit (while Intensity & Improved tree is still really what makes spirit useful for resto druids, and doesn’t really change the value of spirit for moonkin, since they whine about it anyway).

What I think would be the best solution is to have a % of mana returned.  A number like 75% of mana would be pretty universal, for any level druid and any class you cast it on. If you really did cast it on a huntar, it would return 75% of the huntar’s mana. If you cast it on a level 50 druid, it would restore 75% of their mana.

In a lot of ways, restoring a flat number is harder because that number has to scale with you as you level, and won’t scale as you get gear upgrades. So, I’d prefer something that just scaled with how much mana you had. It’s more fair to all druids & all the casters that we’d use it on if it’s a flat % of mana return. It would end up saving everyone a lot of time and energy in the long run, IMO.

Being based on % of mana, instead of either a flat number or spirit would be great for both feral and resto druids, so I believe that would be the best way to handle the situation. At the very least, I wanted to bring the proposed change to the attention of the healing druids who read my blog. I’m supporting a change to innervate, but I’d prefer that it still scale with something at level 80, even if it doesn’t scale with spirit.

What I think is nice is that the devs have now addressed 2 of druids major problems (moonkin pvp mana concerns & savage defense issues) on the forums recently, which means we haven’t totally been forgotten! (I have to always look on the bright side of things, afterall!).

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10 comments on “Druids R 4 Innervate!
  1. admin says:

    Mage’s Evocation is 60% and Shadow priest dispersion is 30-40%. Even though 75% would be very good keeping it in line with the other similar abilities. The real question is on average what percentage of the mana bar does it fill up for a resto or balance druid.

  2. Lissanna says:

    75% was Ghostcrawler’s number from another thread. Innervate is on a 6 minute cooldown. We get a lot of mana back from it, but it takes a LONG time before we can use it again. Mage’s Evocate has a MUCH shorter cooldown. Even Dispersion is only on a 3 minute timer…

  3. Nephis says:

    I agree a fixed amount of Mana would be a silly thing to do, it’s a spell not a mana pot, it should scale with gear.

    I like the percentage thing in that if you have a paladin tank healing you can help them out much more than before. Do you think this would make a noticable change on the value of intellect to resto Druids?

    Love the blog btw!

  4. Aelinna says:

    This would indeed buff the value of Int. It’s already kinda important for Replenishment and the interaction with spirit regen. It’s the #1 mana regen stat for priests. I haven’t done the math but it’s quite possible it could become as important for us.

    If they do make this change, I wonder if they’ll nerf paladin mana regen. They may as well not have mana bars right now, with the possibility of innervate maybe they’ll be brought down from Olympus.

  5. Justin says:

    The only thing to consider with a 75% of mana pool is things like Darkmoon Card: Greatness ( http://www.wowhead.com/?item=44255 ). Do you have to start timing innervates with card procs for ultimate min/maxing?

  6. Elemak says:

    I kinda think that Innervate should still scale with spirit – perhaps just not the way it currently does. There are a lot of mana regen mechanics already that do a % of your mana pool, and adding more just makes int more and more valuable compared to spirit.

    It could, for example, restore mana equal to your spirit every second for its 20 second duration. Or they could just buff the “Increases the target’s Spirit based mana regeneration by 400%” part of the spell to boost the mana regen during Innervate back to the same level it was at before 3.1.

    Then again, maybe I’m just sentimental. I’ve had Innervate since I hit level 40 and spent my 31st talent point on it (back when feral and balance were so horrible that you were better off leveling resto), and it would make me sad to take something that has been such an integral part of the druid class for so long and change it to be nothing more than a targeted Evocate.

  7. Beruthiel says:

    I agree that a percentage would be much better than a set figure. Paladins get 25% back every one minute. Arcane mages get 60% back every two minutes (3 minutes for all other mages) and they get a mana sapphire every 2 minutes! I don’t remember the cooldown on manafiend or dispersion, but I do know that it is available more than once every 5 minutes.

    I do not think that 75% every 5 minutes would be out of line with the mana return mechanics provided to other classes, ecspecially considering how costly a number of our spells currently are. I’m not flat OOM in some of the longer, more healing intensive fights in Ulduar, but I am regularly innervating myself and drinking my crazy alchemist’s potion.

  8. Phaelia says:

    “Intensity & Improved tree is still really what makes spirit useful for resto druids”

    This isn’t actually the case. Innervate was THE thing that made Spirit so incredibly attractive to Druids. With the reduction to Innervate’s effectiveness, Spirit took a major hit, moreso for Resto Druids than anyone else (including Holy Priests who can’t bank on always taking advantage of it). While no longer necessarily applicable, http://www.resto4life.com/2008/03/03/24-mana-regen-part-1-the-basics/ explains why this was once the case. Were I playing, I’d be sick to the stomach at the idea of my Innervate being switched to a percentage-based style of mana return. Having to share it with a Shaman or a Paladin would be … icky. ^_^

  9. Lissanna says:

    I’m more worried about a flat number that doesn’t scale that GC wants to make it. I’d rather have it scale with something…

    Because of the PvP moonkin problems, we’ve basically already lost a spirit-scaling innervate effect, even though the change hasn’t gone live yet. I’m just trying to not totally freak out all the druid healers before the change happens. 🙂

  10. John says:

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