Guest writer & weekend previews

Hey guys,

I’m at a research conference this weekend. I already wrote a couple posts that are set up for while I’m gone, so there should be at least one new post each day (and it’s not April Fool’s day anymore, so… We are not getting new feral form graphics in 3.1, sorry to get your hopes up).

In addition, I have a new guest writer, who will be posting a couple things while I’m gone.  He has a couple of interesting things planned to write about, and I hope you enjoy what he has to say.

Have a good weekend!

Lissanna of Restokin

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3 comments on “Guest writer & weekend previews
  1. glosoli says:

    Daisil? The druid? From area 52? aka the one who transferred off windrunner to join some leet guild (or somethin) while my toon was hacked and on some strange server for two months… and he didn’t even tell me?!

    And now he’s going to be writing articles for a druid blog? Confirmed, daisy spends too much time on wow.

    Better watch your back daisy. I’ll be cross-server stalking you. I SEE EVERYTHING

  2. Lissanna says:

    Just while I’m gone Glosoli. I’ll be back soon…


  3. admin says:

    Besides, I am watching.


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