Happy Noblegarden… delayed

Apparently, Blizzard wasn’t able to pilfer enough moonkin eggs to have Easter on time this year.

purple-eggsThey’ve delayed the Noble Garden holiday until later this month. So, all the people rushing to starting zones today will be pretty disappointed if they haven’t yet figured this out…

This also means that all moonkin should be on the lookout for egg thieves for the next few weeks, as Blizzard has promised a bigger and better Noble Garden holiday this year!

Here’s the current information we have:

If you want to see the winners of Europe’s Egg coloring contest, you can click here. There are some pretty interestingly colored eggs, that may help you feel more festive today, if you can’t stand the idea of Blizzard rescheduling your holidays.

As of now, Noblegarden should be starting April 26th. There will be new quests, a full week long egg hunt, and of course you get more achievements for it.

Sounds like the event is going to be even bigger and better this year than it has been before… So, have a great Easter today (if you celebrate that kind of thing), and keep your eye out for eggs, rabbits, and all sorts of Spring mayhem soon…

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