Healing guide updated with consumables & enchants

mana_energy_potion_sixpackFor the final phase of my healing guide, [[7. Consumables and enchants | I wrote up the basics for consumables and enchants.]]

Also, [[3. AOE raid healing – Wild growth and other HOTs| in the raid healing section]], I added another part to the blog version of my guide (haven’t updated forum version yet), that I also wanted to highlight here:

  • Combining tank & raid healing – Some people have found that their Ulduar healing mostly consists of putting HOTs on a tank (ie. rolling 3x lifeblooms) and then raid healing with wild growth and rejuv (with some swiftmending) between tank lifebloom refreshes. So, it is possible to go with a lifebloom tank healing strategy and then raid heal between lifebloom refreshes.

This seems to be a popular strategy for some of the Ulduar raiders, who have enough tank healing classes that their druids are better off raid healing the majority of the time. What is important is that they still seem to have the mana to roll a lifebloom on at least one tank without a problem. How well this will work for you depends on the fight and your regen, but it is an option that the PTR testers seem to be pulling off okay.

What this strategy means is that you can still have “fun” maintaining a lifebloom stack on a boss, while filling an important raid healing role, if you don’t like the idea of giving up on lifebloom and you just don’t feel like nourish is the right spell for you. I just like highlighting the fact that healing in 3.1 will still be fun for druids, and that there are still a lot of possibilities of what we can do with our spells. We won’t end up being a one-button spamming spec, which is a good thing in the end.

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2 comments on “Healing guide updated with consumables & enchants
  1. lyrae says:

    Just a quick note, first that I’m enjoying your site. Second, some of your links on your enchanting section are incorrect. Just thought you’d like to know.

    Thanks for the work you do. 😉

  2. Lissanna says:

    Ummm… I fixed them. Thanks for pointing that out. It’s hard to check them in my page editor, and I thought I got them all right. Apparently I failed at copying & pasting links…


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