Ignis – Healing the Slag Pot

So, with my new guild, we took down 25-man Ignis for the first time last night (along with Razorscale for the first time, too). Last week, we didn’t get to do much of the 25-man because our raid got canceled one night due to server issues, and so this was really our first week of good attempts on the 25-man, since we’re only raiding 25-man 2 nights a week right now, so most of my Ulduar experience came from the 10-mans last week.


Ignis a very challenging fight, which requires healers to really pay attention to keep up several tanks (who are moving around the room, depending on the strategy), along with raid members taking periodic damage, and having to avoid casting when the Flame Jets ability is cast – or otherwise you can’t heal for 8 seconds and your assigned target will probably die. It’s also an optional boss, so if your guild is really struggling, you can always skip and come back once you’ve gotten a couple other bosses down.

What I found to be the most challenging healing assignment was to heal the person in the Slag Pot. We had a priest on it for a couple tries, and then when he was having connection issues, they let me give it a try as the primary Slag Pot healer. In general, a lot of Ulduar healing requires really fast reflexes and/or really good team work & strategies for your healing crew.

What makes healing the Slag Pot hard is that:

  • You get very little warning,
  • the person in the pot takes a ton of damage
  • It usually happens around the time that Ignis casts Flame Jets

Your raid in 25-man Ulduar will need 1 or 2 people assigned to watch out for the person in the pot, since general AOE heals are not likely to reach them or be enough healing to keep them up (and FFA healing either ends up with too many people switching to the pot healer or not enough).

That said, I believe that a good resto druid makes a good slag pot healer. Why? Because we have enough instant cast abilities that Flame Jets won’t mess us up as bad as it hurts direct-healing based classes. When the priest was healing the person, he’d have to actually stop casting for a few seconds while the person was in the pot, whereas I could cast my HOTs and swiftmend without fear of being interrupted (and can even cast while in mid-air).

On 25-man, the person in the pot takes 5,000 damage a second for 10 seconds. You probably want more than one person to help out on the Slag Pot when you are first learning, since it’s pretty deadly – and the Slag Pot healers can easily help top off other people between healing Potted people.

For a druid healing the slag pot, you will end up needing a mix of your HOTs and direct heals. I’d usually first throw out a nourish, then some HOTs – maybe a regrowth if I had time, and then I’d stick to only casting HOTs (lifebloom, rejuv, & swiftmend) once I knew it was time for a Flame Jet cast. Then, after the flame jets, I’d throw more direct heals until the effect was over. Then, I’d go back to raid healing or tank healing as needed until the next time.

With X-perl and Deadly Boss mods, a skull would come up next to someone’s name in my raid frames, along with a raid warning message with their name in the middle of my screen, and so I could easily follow the warnings to figure out who was targeted with the effect so I could spam heals on them for the duration of the effect.

I’m sure there are also many ways of healing the Slag Pots. I had to keep making split-second decisions about what spell to cast and when to cast it, which I think made the fight incredibly fun. I had to use a mix of all my spells because the Flame Jet timing prevented me from just being able to use direct heals, and the amount of damage being done prevented me from just using HOTs + Swiftmend. I was also able to help out with raid healing from Wild Growth and throwing HOTs around on the tanks while I waited for another person to get thrown in the pot.

Happy healing!

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4 comments on “Ignis – Healing the Slag Pot
  1. Sydera says:

    Grats on successful Slag Pot healing! It’s very satisfying when people get their Hot Pocket achievement. I find that the main factor that determines whether a healer should be assigned to Slag Pot is whether their unit frames show the effect in a way a player can understand and react to. Thank goodness for Grid and its ability to show debuffs as a center icon.

  2. Aelinna says:

    Putting Slag Pot on Grid is a lifesaver, quite literally.

    My guild (finally) went back and killed Ignis last night too, kudos to you it’s a damn hard fight. I was doing pure RJ+WG, personally I think this is the best assignment for druids. I’d choose a disc priest for slagpot healing.

  3. Lissanna says:

    Our group had 3 resto druids, and the priest that tried it was having latency/targeting issues that I wasn’t having, so I made a better healer for it just because I COULD target the potted person fast enough. Different groups are going to find that different strategies work better for them.

  4. Beruthiel says:

    Grats on your kill!

    One thing that we did for our slag pot healing is have one of the paladins that is on the MT for the fight beacn the MT and heal the slag pot target, which helped tremendously! But I do agree that a druid helping with the slag pot is essential, for all of the reasons that you mentioned.


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