Lifebloom mana return is Uber

With all my time spent raiding Ulduar this week/weekend, I’m a little bit focused on healing. I’ll get back to my leveling guide and non-healing stuff soon, I promise. 🙂


Okay, so Lifebloom basically returns 489 mana per lifebloom regardless of how many mana reducing effects you have for lifebloom. The bloom will always return 489 mana (well, maybe sometimes 490 because of rounding issues, but it’s always that high).

Right now, my lifebloom costs 702 mana.

702-489 = 213

This means that if my lifebloom blooms, it only costs me 212 mana. That’s a lot less than it cost me before the “nerf.”

Even if you use it when Omen of Clarity procs, you still get a return of 490 mana, so you GAIN 490 mana by casting lifebloom on an OOC proc, so long as you aren’t just refreshing a tripple-stack.

When a tripple stack blooms, you are getting about 1468 mana back. You won’t get more than the value of 3 lifeblooms, and you won’t get less.

Lifebloom costs me 702 mana because I picked up a new trinket today out of Ulduar (10-man Kologarn): Spark of Hope

I’m also wearing my 2-piece T7 bonus, along with the mana cost reductions from my resto talents. So long as I don’t roll lifeblooms, I really think I’ll never run OOM in raids anymore. If this patch was supposed to be a nerf to high-end raiding mana regen, I’m really starting to think that it wasn’t. I’m even allowed to be lazy and not have to keep track of refreshing the spell before it blooms and I get rewarded greatly for it.

With 1 lifebloom and my other HOTs my target, my nourish heals for crazy amounts (I have the T7 4-piece bonus and the Glyph of Nourish that I finally paid 125 gold for), so maybe I don’t even need 3 lifeblooms up at the same time… (EDIT: Lifebloom always counts as 1 HOT for the purposes of buffing nourish, so the only benefit in having a 3 LB stack is the increased HOT healing it does).

Even without the new trinket, I’m at 733 mana with my T7 2-piece bonus…

733-489 = 244

So, letting lifeblooms bloom is way super mana efficient, even if it lowers your overall healing done… With my new trinket, I’m thinking that it’s not even really bad as a raid heal, since it costs so little mana… I’m really not sure why they bothered changing the way lifebloom works. I have a feeling that lifebloom won’t be returning mana from the “base” mana cost for much longer. It just seems a little broken for the people who are able to drop the cost lower, and not really fair to the people who can’t.

Seems like the lifebloom change is mostly a nerf to: leveling druids, casual 5-man druids, PvP druids, and feral/balance druids that don’t have access to tree form’s mana savings, the T7 resto bonus, or the trinket…

As for the mana savings from the trinket, I worked out all the mana cost savings and then lost the chart. May add it back in if I have time, but it’s doing something really strange. It’s only reducing the mana cost for my spells between 30 and 38 mana, which would be fine except that cast time not being very predictive of the amount of mana that will be saved. IE. nourish benefits more than regrowth, even though regrowth costs more mana and has a longer cast time, and not all my instants are reduced by the same amount of mana… Oh well.

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11 comments on “Lifebloom mana return is Uber
  1. Kae says:

    Something interesting I found while a guildie and I were spamming heals at each other in the bank in Dalaran:

    The size of the lifebloom stack did not appear to increase or decrease the amount my nourish healed for, not in the same way that adding a rejuv or a regrowth did.

    So, my suspicion is that Nourish does not view a stack of lifeblooms as 1-3 individual hots, but instead as one HoT.

    Grats on your trinket, btw 🙂

  2. Ruepel says:

    Maybe the Trinket applies before reduction. An if u have both Moonglow and TranqSpi which do both reduce Nourish Cost, that might be the source of it.

  3. Lissanna says:

    @ Kae, for nourish, lifebloom always only counts as 1 HOT, regardless of how many stacks. I could clarify that in my above post if you want.

    @Ruepel, My balance talents actually got unlearned somehow, so I may have some time to play with the trinket tonight and figure out what’s happening with my “no talent” spec…

  4. Keeva says:

    I think it’s rubbish that on Vezax LB will not return its mana.

    I realise that all sources of mana return are stomped in that fight, but come on, it’s a fundamental part of the spell.

    I have to be really careful to NOT hit Lifebloom in that fight out of habit, because without the optional mana return, I’m locked into hugely expensive LBs, even if I let them bloom.

    Really not happy about that.

  5. Homu says:

    @Keeva, I switched my mousebindings for Rejuv and Lifebloom, since the frequency in wich I cast them has switched as well. That made it pretty “save” to hit the “wrong” button and not drain my mana by habbit/accident.

  6. aramis says:

    What a weird coincidence this is. On a raid last night in Naxx, I did something a little different on Patchwerk. I let LB bloom and then reapplied the next while keeping other hots on and applying nourish as needed. I noticed LB was used a LOT more than in recent runs, but I was the only healer close to full mana at the end of the fight on Patchwerk. I thought it was weird because I had spammed LB so much. But now I know why because I did let each one bloom. This explains it, so thanks. I may have a use for LB yet…

  7. Aelinna says:

    So yeah Nourish is awesome and all. But… are you casting it? It costs us talents, a glyph and 4xT7 to tank heal, when paladins and priests already fill that niche fine. RJ/WG spam provides a unique feature no other class can.

    I paid 300g for my glyph of nourish and I’m seriously considering speccing CF and taking innerv or RJ glyph instead. I have the Robes of Blanketing Snow, Gloves of the Dancing Bear and T8.5 head so keeping the T7 bonus hurts.

    LB is super efficient now but without the HPS of a 3-stack I can’t be bothered maintaining it heavily. I slow-stack if I’m at a loose end but meh. Fast stacking is too GCD intensive and costs raid HPS.

    I assume the idol reduces the base mana cost, which is then modified by talents. RG gets less benefit because we have more talents which reduce the cost of RG, namely ToL. The Idol of Awakening works similarly.

    Spark of Hope is very much on my WANT list, for RJ spam. I’m having slight mana issues right now. And major envy issues.

    BTW I’m not sure when this happened, but the soft haste cap has gone up from 210 (no CF) to 253 (3/3 CF) or 359 (0/3 CF). All assuming you have WoA + 5/5 GotEM + ImpRet/Moonkin. Post material maybe? I hadn’t heard about the change and I keep up on druid changes pretty aggressively.

    There’s a big EJ post somewhere with lots of numbers, those above are from memory so you might wanna confirm.

  8. Erdluf says:

    “Seems like the lifebloom change is mostly a nerf to: leveling druids, casual 5-man druids, PvP druids, and feral/balance druids that don’t have access to tree form’s mana savings, the T7 resto bonus, or the trinket…”

    It is only a nerf whenever

    1) You refresh what was already a three-stack, or
    2) You need 400 mana now, and not seven to nine seconds from now, or
    3) The bloom gets “lost” (target was Cycloned, etc.)

    Even without reduced costs, the change is a buff whenever a 2-stack or a 3-stack blooms (and doesn’t overheal too much).

    It is certainly true that a Balance druid has situations where the old style would be preferable (say off-spec healing a non-heroic at 70).

    I think there are as many situations where the new stacking behavior is a boost to off-spec healing (pre-hotting a tough fight, building a slow stack on a flag carrier, …)

  9. Pix says:

    I actually am quite interested in trying out LB as a raid heal… I used to depend on Rejuv and WG more for that, especially in Eye of Eternity for example. I used to find myself running shorter than normal (though not close to empty) in the 2nd phase and am wondering if using LB when I normally would have used Rejuv in the Vortex might actually be more beneficial. Gogo Nerfs! =P

  10. Aelinna says:

    So I guess I should slap myself upside the head now… fought Mimiron tonight and the raid damage in P2 is so heavy an RJ doesn’t cover it. I needed to do RJ+LB on 5-10 people, with plenty of RGs mixed in.

    The plasma blast in P1 is no joke either. I definitely got my money’s worth out of Nourish for that one. Might have to hold off on the CF build for a bit yet, damned if I’m giving up my feral dualspec.

  11. Aelinna says:

    Some back of the napkin TC I did from a WWS parse for my guild, dunno if you’re interested. A Disc priest was claiming that his shield spam > my RJ/WG spam… personally I doubt it but it doesn’t hurt to compare numbers.

    I put up 18 rejuvs which tick every 3s for 2130 (710 HPS) according to the latest WWS. That’s a potential 12780 HPS.
    WG heals every second for 6sec for avg 750 or so on 6 targets, or 4500 HPS, so by sacrificing one RJ / 6s I can gain ~3800 HPS.
    So WG+RJ spam = 3xWG + 15xRJ = 4500 + 15*710 = 15150 HPS. (I’m only counting WG once because they run consecutively not simultaneously)
    This is quite mana intensive but there are usually some breaks which mean I can handle it. I’m assuming a 1s GCD which currently I don’t have due to haste changes.

    My other option, RG spam, provides an average 6310 hit plus 1191/3s over 27s. It’s approx 1.5s cast on average so I can get about 18 hots up simultaneously again, for a very rough approximation of 11352 HPS. It might be a bit higher if I literally chaincast due to higher NG uptime, otoh if I want that I can’t mix in WG.
    On the plus side I might save someone perilously low.

    If I group heal, I have to do 5xRJ, WG, 5xLB, WG, 5x??, WG. I can use the 5x?? to throw 3 RGs to help out on the raid but obviously this rotation will be lower HPS than pure RJ/WG spam. If I want to roll the LBs at all it gets messy since I have to start refreshing them midway through the 5x??. My next WG is late and that makes me late to refresh the RJs, which means I miss the next LB refresh unless I quit halfway and OMG KAOS.


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