Not again! Forget your talent specs? Here’s the link…


Okay, so if you are like me and somehow managed to miss our CSF sleepy panda’s warning yesterday:

Psst, guys?
If you have a talent spec you really love, just a word to the wise, write it down, screen shot it for posterity, or otherwise record the way you like them.

Aw crud. That means we’ll probably have to re-learn all our talents again when the servers come back up. If that’s why you came back to my site today, my original link post fell off the front page, so I’m posting again about it to make things as easy on you guys as possible. You can get to last week’s 3.1 talent spec link post by clicking here.

Now, I just hope that our talents will stick this time & not be buggy…

*adds some super glue to my talent trees*
*gets stuck to the computer*

Aww crud…
Is it one of those Tuesdays?

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5 comments on “Not again! Forget your talent specs? Here’s the link…
  1. scaresome says:

    ah, erm, uuh ….. thanks!

    where’s my pencil?

  2. Aelinna says:

    The Talented mod is still useful.
    Switching specs is slightly annoying with it, but overall it’s worthwhile.

  3. Keldara says:

    Pencils are for the silly. Use a talent calculator ;P

  4. Scarvo says:

    Use Talented! 🙂 It saves so much time.

  5. scaresome says:

    Thanks, I will!


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