OT: Hoppy Noble Garden

So, I logged on this morning to start taking a look at the new Noblegarden event. First, I checked out the posts on WoWinsider, to see where to find eggs & how to do all the achievement things.

Then, I  went to the Night Elf starting area, Dolanaar, and started hunting for eggs. There were 2 quests available to me at the inn there, so I picked ’em up and started egg hunting.

On my second or third egg, I got turned into a bunny and laid an easter egg.


So, it looks like moonkin do lay eggs.

Actually, it was funnier watching the hunter pets chasing after their bunny-shaped hunters. I hope none of the hunters got eaten by their pets…

Originally, I was very concerned about the number of eggs I was going to have to collect to complete all the holiday achievements. However, the only frustrating part is finding an egg spawn point, and having to sit there and camp it, while hoping no one else will steal the egg when it spawns. There isn’t a whole lot of searching I could do, because there was someone at just about every spawn point in Dolanaar. I heard some of my alliance guild members went to Horde starter zones (where they could still pick up eggs) just because it was less crowded.

So, basically, I think the only major problem with the holiday is that there still aren’t enough egg spawn points for my Egg Basket speed boost to be of any real use.

If you need help figuring out all the quests and stuff for it, Wowhead also has a guide up on what to do for each quest. Mostly, everything just involves looting the eggs. Try to loot up a bunch of eggs before you buy any of the items, otherwise you’ll just be frustrated by wasting 100 eggs for an item that’s likely to drop for you out of one of the eggs. However, if it doesn’t drop, you DO have the option to buy every item needed to complete the meta-achievement.

What is encouraging is that I managed to get 3 Spring Rabbit’s Foot drops in the 100 or so eggs I’ve farmed up so far (too bad they’re BOP). I’ve been busy with school stuff, which has prevented me from doing much more with the noblegarden achievements, but I think that with a week to complete everything, we should have plenty of time. Heck, there’s even at least one person on my server who has already completed the meta-achievement for the Noblegarden holiday. So, it can’t be that bad…

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3 comments on “OT: Hoppy Noble Garden
  1. Keldara says:

    Picked up a total of 250 chocolates (100 to eat, 100 for rabbit and 50 for dress), the remaining parts I got from the eggs or my bf and myself traded each other the remaining pieces (pants + shirt + dress = not BoE/BoP).

    What takes the most time is sparkling flowers on females… Plus it has a five minute cooldown, and it doesn’t account for it your target already has the flower/bunny ears buff. Good luck with finding females dwarves/taurens/orcs especially, they’re rare on my server … There is even a female dwarf in Dalaran taking tips on my server, that’s how rare they are 😛

    Think I spent seven hours total on this meta-achievement. The last of which was spent finding a female dwarf /facepalm.

  2. scaresome says:

    I don’t know if I’ll finish it all, but so far I’ve got the tux/pants, the pet and I planted the flowers. I also got the achievement where you take your bunneh to the other starting points for little hearts and little surprises!

    It’s a lot of fun but, yes, competition is high. Just by the ramp into the inn in Dolanaar are two boxes, standing on one I can reach three spawn points. Two of us speed-clicked against each other for an hour and I think we were both fairly content.

  3. Nerruse says:

    It took me over 1000 eggs to get the elegant dress (I like achievement points :P) but other than that this was much nicer to complete than the other holiday metas especially if you don’t care about the extra few points.

    There is some good spawn points in Azure Watch and that dwarf place near the log (forgot the name)

    Happy hunting!


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