Monthly Archives: April 2009

The most annoying debuff in the game

The most annoying debuff in the game is the Unquenchable Flames from the Ignis trash in Ulduar. Nothing else I’ve healed through in the game has bugged me quite as much as this debuff. Overall, healing Ulduar is fun… but Unquenchable flames is not fun! Why? First, you can’t stop casting to drink between trash […]

New Feral Tanking blog by Tarskin

I’m always on the look out for newer druid blogs. I saw a link from the daily druid today for a blog called “Tarskin’s Feral Musings.” It’s a tanking feral druid blog, with information on tanking talents and more. He’s a theorycrafter with a lot of numbers in his blog posts (usually), however I still […]

OT: Hoppy Noble Garden

So, I logged on this morning to start taking a look at the new Noblegarden event. First, I checked out the posts on WoWinsider, to see where to find eggs & how to do all the achievement things. Then, I  went to the Night Elf starting area, Dolanaar, and started hunting for eggs. There were […]

So you want to be a restokin?

I’ve spent some time saying why I think restokin builds are not as good as they used to be. However, I said that after patch 3.1, I would try to come up with some possible restokin builds people could try. With the amount of burst damage now on it’s way out, it is possible that […]