Monthly Archives: April 2009

Ignis – Healing the Slag Pot

So, with my new guild, we took down 25-man Ignis for the first time last night (along with Razorscale for the first time, too). Last week, we didn’t get to do much of the 25-man because our raid got canceled one night due to server issues, and so this was really our first week of […]

Druids R 4 Innervate!

Today’s history lesson: Innerate used to be the center of the entire druid class’ purpose in the game. We came to Molten Core so we could innervate priests. Here’s a video explaining what I mean (y’all should recognize this by now): Innervate used to be the end-tier restoration talent. Before Burning Crusade went live, innervate […]

Savage defense lag issues?

The savage defense bug is not a bug, it’s the new “lag” issue… Here’s a recent GC post about the savage defense mechanic. I’m going to focus just on the second paragraph here: It’s not a bug in the sense that we can’t fix it. It’s Internet latency. If we think it is going to […]

Spotlight on: some other druid blogs

I wanted to take some time to see if I could find a couple quality druid blogs I hadn’t seen before. So, this is what I found in my morning search: New this month is a blog called Earth Shields and HOTs. It’s written by a resto druid and a resto shaman. Sometimes, it’s nice […]