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Not again! Forget your talent specs? Here’s the link…


Okay, so if you are like me and somehow managed to miss our CSF sleepy panda’s warning yesterday:

Psst, guys?
If you have a talent spec you really love, just a word to the wise, write it down, screen shot it for posterity, or otherwise record the way you like them.

Aw crud. That means we’ll probably have to re-learn all our talents again when the servers come back up. If that’s why you came back to my site today, my original link post fell off the front page, so I’m posting again about it to make things as easy on you guys as possible. You can get to last week’s 3.1 talent spec link post by clicking here.

Now, I just hope that our talents will stick this time & not be buggy…

*adds some super glue to my talent trees*
*gets stuck to the computer*

Aww crud…
Is it one of those Tuesdays?

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So… cat DPS is hard to do well

This post was inspired by GC’s recent comment on the DD forums:

This is a personal opinion and not a Blizzard design philosophy, but I think cat is one of the most challenging. With a long Feral Faerie Fire it’s a little better.

workA lot of druids (I think) agree with this observation.


Lavata thinks part of the reason is that energy doesn’t regen fast enough.

There are a couple things cat has for energy regen purposes: omen of Clarity Procs, the King of the Jungle talent allows Tiger’s Fury to restore 60 energy every 30 seconds, and Kitty Berserk gives you half energy cost for 15 seconds.

Another possible reason is just the number of buffs, debuffs, ability cooldowns, and combo point requirements feral has to keep track of.

Altosis recently did a good write-up for the feral cat talents and such. You should check it out here. Altosis also has a really awesome analysis (with graphic chart) comparing what talents are good for what feral specs.

So, now that you have the talents figured out, how  do you do damage as a cat druid? Well, you won’t have a simple rotation, so what you want to do is just manage your buffs, debuffs, and cooldowns.  Most of the guide up in Karthis’ “of teeth and claws” guide should still be applicable in 3.1.

You have a priority list instead of a rotation (from Karthis’ guide):

  1. Savage Roar
  2. Mangle
  3. Rip (5 combo points)
  4. Rake

You would want to pick up glyphs that increase how long those last, basically:

  • Glyph of Mangle – Would you like a nice hot cup of mangle lasting longer? If you really want more time before refreshing mangle, this is an option, but we’ve got other new glyphs that are going to be more useful.
  • Glyph of Berserk – New glyph gives you reduced energy costs for longer. PvP glyph maybe or maybe not… I’m not sure it would be useful for raiding much at all, but I’m not 100% sure.
  • Glyph of shred –  The new version helps increase the duration of rip when you shred (up to 6 seconds).
  • Glyph of Rip – Increases duration of rip by 4 seconds. Useful if the shred glyph isn’t available or is too expensive. In theory, you could pick up both, but it’s probably not worth the glyph slot.
  • Glyph of Savage Roar – This is going to increase damage done by 3% for Savage roar. It doesn’t increase the duration, but it’s still nice.

So, overall, 3.1 seems to have made feral DPS a bit easier, since some of these abilities can now last longer, in addition to not needing to refresh Faerie Fire very often.

Toskk’s DPS calculator is also updated for 3.1. It’s a nice tool to play around with for cat druids.

In the end, feral kitty DPS is just hard. In any fight requiring movement, your DPS is going to be lower than if you can stand still. If you are new to DPS, you will need to do a lot of practicing to really refine a good strategy for you. Good luck, and remember that practice makes purrfect! Most of what I know about cat druid DPS I learn from reading other people’s analysis of the spec…

EDIT: There was also something I wrote a while back talking about how both cat & moonkin “rotations” stopped being actual rotations and turned into buff/debuff management.

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Lifebloom mana return is Uber

With all my time spent raiding Ulduar this week/weekend, I’m a little bit focused on healing. I’ll get back to my leveling guide and non-healing stuff soon, I promise. 🙂


Okay, so Lifebloom basically returns 489 mana per lifebloom regardless of how many mana reducing effects you have for lifebloom. The bloom will always return 489 mana (well, maybe sometimes 490 because of rounding issues, but it’s always that high).

Right now, my lifebloom costs 702 mana.

702-489 = 213

This means that if my lifebloom blooms, it only costs me 212 mana. That’s a lot less than it cost me before the “nerf.”

Even if you use it when Omen of Clarity procs, you still get a return of 490 mana, so you GAIN 490 mana by casting lifebloom on an OOC proc, so long as you aren’t just refreshing a tripple-stack.

When a tripple stack blooms, you are getting about 1468 mana back. You won’t get more than the value of 3 lifeblooms, and you won’t get less.

Lifebloom costs me 702 mana because I picked up a new trinket today out of Ulduar (10-man Kologarn): Spark of Hope

I’m also wearing my 2-piece T7 bonus, along with the mana cost reductions from my resto talents. So long as I don’t roll lifeblooms, I really think I’ll never run OOM in raids anymore. If this patch was supposed to be a nerf to high-end raiding mana regen, I’m really starting to think that it wasn’t. I’m even allowed to be lazy and not have to keep track of refreshing the spell before it blooms and I get rewarded greatly for it.

With 1 lifebloom and my other HOTs my target, my nourish heals for crazy amounts (I have the T7 4-piece bonus and the Glyph of Nourish that I finally paid 125 gold for), so maybe I don’t even need 3 lifeblooms up at the same time… (EDIT: Lifebloom always counts as 1 HOT for the purposes of buffing nourish, so the only benefit in having a 3 LB stack is the increased HOT healing it does).

Even without the new trinket, I’m at 733 mana with my T7 2-piece bonus…

733-489 = 244

So, letting lifeblooms bloom is way super mana efficient, even if it lowers your overall healing done… With my new trinket, I’m thinking that it’s not even really bad as a raid heal, since it costs so little mana… I’m really not sure why they bothered changing the way lifebloom works. I have a feeling that lifebloom won’t be returning mana from the “base” mana cost for much longer. It just seems a little broken for the people who are able to drop the cost lower, and not really fair to the people who can’t.

Seems like the lifebloom change is mostly a nerf to: leveling druids, casual 5-man druids, PvP druids, and feral/balance druids that don’t have access to tree form’s mana savings, the T7 resto bonus, or the trinket…

As for the mana savings from the trinket, I worked out all the mana cost savings and then lost the chart. May add it back in if I have time, but it’s doing something really strange. It’s only reducing the mana cost for my spells between 30 and 38 mana, which would be fine except that cast time not being very predictive of the amount of mana that will be saved. IE. nourish benefits more than regrowth, even though regrowth costs more mana and has a longer cast time, and not all my instants are reduced by the same amount of mana… Oh well.

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Wild Growth – Pains and workaround

It looks like a lot of healers use “mouseover” mods and/or macros for healing. The new wild growth bug is making it harder for some druids to adjust to their new healing strategies.


GC addressed the issue here, saying:

This problem does not seem to be universal. Is anyone having it without using mouseover macros?
By design, you can cast WG on any target, even yourself or an enemy.

Now, it looks like the problem is basically this:

  1. You target someone (lets say a dead mob from the last trash pull is still targeted, or someone out of your range)
  2. You want to choose someone other than your current target as the center of your Wild Growth (lets say you wanted to target yourself)
  3. You use your mouseover macro or mod’s capabilities to try and get Wild Growth to cast on you
  4. You get an out of range error message because WG is trying to target the thing in step 1 rather than what you are mousing over.

Because of the crazy way that I heal (ie. I don’t use mods or mouseover macros), this hasn’t yet really been a problem for me. However, the problem seemed to be so wide-spread that I wanted to make a post about it.

So, what do you do about it? Now that you’ve spent all week fighting with one of your primary heal spells, I wanted to post a macro that Shefki worked out in that same thread:

/cast [target=mouseover,noharm,exists] Wild Growth

These three lines become a macro where it clears your target, casts wild growth on the person you are mousing over, and then targets the person/mob you were last targeting. This gets around the problem by un-targeting the problematic person. You can just make this macro and use it instead of whatever strategy you use for your other heals. It should be useable along with whatever mod you were using before, and would replace whatever mouseover macro you’ve been using up to this point.

Just use that macro and you’ll be fine until the bug gets fixed. Good luck!

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