Monthly Archives: April 2009

Not again! Forget your talent specs? Here's the link…

Okay, so if you are like me and somehow managed to miss our CSF sleepy panda’s warning yesterday: Psst, guys? If you have a talent spec you really love, just a word to the wise, write it down, screen shot it for posterity, or otherwise record the way you like them. Aw crud. That means […]

So… cat DPS is hard to do well

This post was inspired by GC’s recent comment on the DD forums: This is a personal opinion and not a Blizzard design philosophy, but I think cat is one of the most challenging. With a long Feral Faerie Fire it’s a little better. A lot of druids (I think) agree with this observation. Why? Lavata […]

Lifebloom mana return is Uber

With all my time spent raiding Ulduar this week/weekend, I’m a little bit focused on healing. I’ll get back to my leveling guide and non-healing stuff soon, I promise. Okay, so Lifebloom basically returns 489 mana per lifebloom regardless of how many mana reducing effects you have for lifebloom. The bloom will always return 489 […]

Wild Growth – Pains and workaround

It looks like a lot of healers use “mouseover” mods and/or macros for healing. The new wild growth bug is making it harder for some druids to adjust to their new healing strategies. GC addressed the issue here, saying: This problem does not seem to be universal. Is anyone having it without using mouseover macros? […]