Monthly Archives: April 2009

Azeroth Arbor Day coming soon!

I wanted to help out Keeva with reminding everyone that Azeroth Arbor day is soon! It looks like we’re getting close to the end of April (how did that happen?!?). Azeroth Arbor day is a tree druid holiday created by Phaelia of Resto4life. This year, the holiday is being celebrated on the last Friday of […]

Where are the new glyphs?

This is actually a question I don’t have an answer to. I spent a lot of time during the PTR testing playing with the new glyphs (which they had made available on the special PTR vendor). Then, a few days ago, patch 3.1 hit the live servers. Since then, I have yet to see either […]

Restokin Banner contest – everyone wins!

Since I’m not giving away prizes, and I can switch around my banner whenever I feel like it, I thought I’d just declare a tie (with 1 submission from each of the 5 people that submitted things). So, periodically, I’ll switch back and forth between the banners. One of them should be popping up on […]