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Azeroth Arbor Day coming soon!

I wanted to help out Keeva with reminding everyone that Azeroth Arbor day is soon! It looks like we’re getting close to the end of April (how did that happen?!?).


Azeroth Arbor day is a tree druid holiday created by Phaelia of Resto4life. This year, the holiday is being celebrated on the last Friday of April (April 24th). Keeva at Tree Bark Jacket took over the event to continue honoring our trees!

Entries (pictures of your tree druid) are due by Wednesday, April 22nd. Please go see the instructions over at Tree Bark Jacket for more information on how to submit your tree pictures!

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Healing update: Ulduar observations & nourish idol

So, with my guild, I’ve been healing Ulduar (25-man and 10-man versions) this week. We haven’t spent a lot of time there, but it’s given me an opportunity to play with my healing spells. Our 25-man was banging our heads against the bugged version of Ingis (before the hotfix, while still dealing with bad server issues that made us cancel the other nights of raiding), so we didn’t get too far.

However, our 10-man skipped straight into Razorscale & Deconstructor after the vehicle boss, and we killed both of them with 2 healers (me and a resto shaman). We even got a couple attempts on Kologarn, where we settled on killing his right arm and then dealing with the adds, but we ran out of time and called it before he died. However, Kologarn is massively huge. His arms are actually targetable. Really intimidating, but a really awesome fight (I won’t spoil what he says when you kill one of his arms…). After Razorscale & Deconstructor, we had the other shaman also help us out on healing, as after the first “wing,” the bosses aren’t really designed to have only 2 healers…


Here are my current Ulduar observations, mostly from healing the 10-man:

  • First, a confession: there are places where casting nourish without HOTs on the target is okay. For example, in the Deconstructor’s Tympanic Tantrums on 10-man, sometimes you need a quick burst of damage to prevent death. That’s okay, since it’s a short amount of time you are doing it. If you find yourself doing this for the entire fight on some bosses, please just go back to regrowth spam, since the HOT is very much worthwhile… and then you can nourish & swiftmend the people with regrowth hots on them…
  • Also, I had a really bad habit of throwing around single lifeblooms as raid heals on the fights we were learning in 10-man – but I don’t think it was a good idea for me to be doing that. I’m not sure how to break that newly-formed habit, or if it was actually an okay strategy.
  • I also used regrowth as like 30% + of my total healing done in a lot of places, but I still wasn’t running OOM. Now, most of regrowth’s healing does come from the HOT portion of it. So, please remember that regrowth as a HOT is still worthwhile. I’m also still running with the regrowth glyph instead of the nourish glyph, so I’m expecting that regrowth % to go down once I have my correct glyphs set up (see previous QQ post about glyph prices).
  • I’m not having mana problems. Even when I do dumb things like spam regrowth & roll lifeblooms, I’m not running OOM. It’s possible that we’ve overreacted about this whole mana regen change thing. All I know is that I didn’t innervate myself as often as I did in Naxx. I’m not sure why.
  • For one of our deconstructor attempts (I think probably our kill-shot), my healing breakdown looked like: Regrowth (38%), Nourish (21%), lifebloom (16%), rejuv (13%), and living seed (13%). This wasn’t typical for the whole night, however if you are ending up in a primarily direct-healing position a lot, living seed IS actually capable of doing a lot of healing.
  • Wildgrowth is dropping lower than living seed for that fight because everyone spread out so much that it wasn’t hitting enough people, but Deconstructor was easy enough that it’s not a big deal. Dreambound Druid has some good advice for dealing with how to target Wildgrowth on a group.
  • My high living seed % goes against the observation of the Notabear blog I was reading earlier today, however he does have some observations that may be worth taking into consideration. Notabear was primarily running 25-man, and mileage in different types of content (and for different raiding groups) may require adapting your talents & playstyle to what your specific raiding group needs. I like plugging other people’s work and highlighting that there is no one right way to do things sometimes.
  • There were also times where I didn’t feel like I had all the tools I needed to be successful, but that could be due to me being a little bit undergeared compared to my raid group and the fact I’m missing 2 of my glyphs (nourish & wild growth) that I planned my build around. However, I haven’t felt that way in a long time. I really wanted something like a direct AOE heal that I used to have on my shaman (I miss you chain heal!). Wild Growth & rejuvs around the raid just didn’t feel sufficient for dealing with all the incoming damage. I’m not sure if it’s just that (as a raid) we need to get better at learning the strategies for fights.

I also got an e-mail from Jay, asking about the new Idol of the Flourishing Life. Grats On getting it as a drop from your raid!  There are definitely some places where the idol would be helpful, however if I were you, I’d still hold onto the lifebloom and/or rejuv idols for other times where you aren’t relying on nourish. Averna didn’t give this very good reviews when it was first announced,  and I haven’t yet seen any good reviews of the new Nourish idol at all. If you are doing a nourish-heavy healing thing, then it’s probably worth it, but I’m just not sure yet. Mostly, I just get frustrated about the relic system in general.

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Where are the new glyphs?

This is actually a question I don’t have an answer to.

I spent a lot of time during the PTR testing playing with the new glyphs (which they had made available on the special PTR vendor). Then, a few days ago, patch 3.1 hit the live servers. Since then, I have yet to see either of the new glyphs that I have been looking for.

I’ve been sitting at the AH waiting for the new glyphs to show up for the last several days, and they just aren’t there, or if they are there, they are ridiculously expensive (and people are buying ’em anyway).

We do have Glyph of Survival Instincts, and Glyph of Barkskin, each up in the Elune AH for 100 gold each. Glyph of Wild growth popped up on the AH today, for 150 to 165 a piece.

However, we still don’t have  Glyph of Nourish in our AH yet…

I’m waiting on Glyph of Wild Growth until it comes down to 100 gold or less… If I hold out a day or two, maybe it’ll become more reasonably priced.

Whose bad idea was it to make all the class’ most important glyphs be random world drops that no one would be able to find? I suppose it’s a good deal for the inscriptionists who get to monopolize the patterns and make 10,000 of gold off them in a day… but seriously?

I very rarely make posts just to complain about things, and usually spend all my time telling people to suck it up and deal… but I’m with Lavata on this one – what’s up with random world drop glyphs that we built our entire specs around and now can’t find (or aren’t at reasonable prices) several days after the expansion came out? Sometimes, random world drops just aren’t the way to do it.

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Restokin Banner contest – everyone wins!

Since I’m not giving away prizes, and I can switch around my banner whenever I feel like it, I thought I’d just declare a tie (with 1 submission from each of the 5 people that submitted things). So, periodically, I’ll switch back and forth between the banners. 🙂

One of them should be popping up on the banner for the site soon (if it’s not up already), once a certain someone remembers to do it for me…

Here are the 5 Banners:

Kiliani of Skullcrusher :restokin-kiliani1

Bellweather from 4 haelz :restokin_bellwether

Icedragon from Druid Main :restokin_icedragon



And Sylly from Rolling hots


Wewt! No more boring graphic header template! Thanks guys!

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