Patch 3.1 resources for all druid specs

Okay, I compiled a lot of 3.1 talent resources and other things you’ll need for patch day. It’s likely that some of the spec links from various sources will break at some point today, if places like wowhead update their sites. So, in addition to linking what I’ve been writing up, I tried to pull in some other resources for each spec. This is not an exhaustive list, as there are always lots of guides floating around the internet (I’m pulling everything up between Naxx pulls, so if some of the links don’t work, it’s because I’m rushing to get this written in time).

All druids (talents & more!):

Read up on Ulduar Boss strategies on MMO-champ.

The daily druid has links to all the good guides from different blogs. They’re a good go-to resource for finding things about different specs.

From Wowinsider – Shifting Perspective’s Dualspecs for druids.

Balance/moonkin talents:

Graymatter’s Guide for raiding moonkin in 3.1

Edit: Here’s today’s post by Graymatter with a couple of new specs.

For off-spec moonkin, I listed NON-raid specs a few days ago.

The Moonkin Repository always has good advice for all moonkin types.

Feral: (bear & cat)

Of Teeth and Claws has some 3.1 feral specs listed.

I also took a stab at feral 3.1 builds here.

‘max damage” feral cat/DPS spec listed up on Unbearably HoT.


I wrote a whole guide for resto 3.1.

Passport to Shandris has some moonkin & resto specs.

Nerf this Druid wrote about how to deal with the mana regen nerfs.

For non-raiding druids still learning how to heal, Druid main has a nice basic intro healing guide.

What about the updated revitalize talent? Please refer to the Dreambound Druid’s post on revitalize.

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8 comments on “Patch 3.1 resources for all druid specs
  1. Rebecca says:

    I have a question about revitalize… I’ve been following all the druid patch notes pretty closely the last few months, and have been interested in the change to revitalize among other things. A month or so back, it looked like revitalize would be given a huge boost by having a 15% chance to regen 15% of your mana pool. I was excited about this, and was thinking of definitely picking up the talent at that point. But now it is down to 15% chance to regen 1% of your mana.

    When did this happen??? I haven’t seen any mention of it in any of the blogs, and am hoping that the talent calculators might just not have the correct info, cause I thought they were supposed to be BUFFING the talent to promote people to use it. Any ideas?

    I guess the old version could have been overpowered and they nerfed it back to where they wanted it to be… I just find it odd that I hadn’t heard anything about it, and that was one of the talents I was really excited about since our spirit is getting hit pretty hard this patch.

    Here’s a link to a PTR talent calculator from March 13th that includes the buff:

    and the current PTR calculator:

  2. Lissanna says:

    The change to revitalize has only been the addition of wild growth (which makes it great for restoring energy, runic power, & rage to your melee DPS above anything else). It was never set to restore more mana than what it currently says.

  3. Kae says:

    The 15% mana might’ve been a typo on the tooltip 🙂 Human error does happen! For a long time, the WoWhead PTR tooltip didn’t even include the 15% proc chance, and I was afraid they were going to make it proc less than 15% for Wild Growth ticks.

    I’m rather happy they’ve left it at 15% proc rate rather than nerfing it. It feels like we’re mixing some candy into our wild growths, now. 😀 Can’t wait to see the numbers on revitalize procs, now.

  4. Lissanna says:

    Also, I fixed the healing specs for the blog healing guide but the forums have pretty much been on lockdown all day, so what I have for talent specs in my blog’s healing guide is going to be more accurate for a bit…

  5. Rebecca says:

    just figures I check out the talent trees on the day they make a typo that gets me all excited 😛 I was wondering why everyone still seemed to be up in the air about revitalize. If it gives you 15% mana back per proc it should be a no-brainer! 😛 Oh wells.

  6. Rium says:

    I’ve recently been lvl’ing my druid alt since I would love to try my hand at healing. However, atm i’m just lvl 69 so I’m leveling as a feral spec. I’m experienced in WoW – but not druids (esp feral). Would the feral spec as post above be more or less the same for us new druids who are trying to lvl our way up to 80?


  7. Lissanna says:

    Rium, I have a leveling section (points to leveling guide page on the top right of blog), but you could pick one of the feral specs and just aim for that since you have gotten up to almost 70…

  8. Rium says:

    Yea – I’ve used your leveling section until 3.1. My main is a hunter tho – I didn’t know if a lot changed with the patch or not. I guess even a couple of points wrong won’t be a big deal at this point. I do appreciate all your effort.

    Your point about the druid idol system also made me think. I’ll keep coming back to your blog.


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