Possible feral (bear & cat) builds for 3.1


This weekend, I’m planning to work on the update for the feral section of my leveling guide for the 3.1 patch. However, before I sit down and work on the leveling build, I wanted to take a look at cat, bear, & feral PvP builds that could be useful to think about when planning out what we are likely doing for feral dual specs at level 80.

So, Lavata and I came up with what we think is likely to be the most reasonable PvE and PvP specs for ferals in 3.1. These are still preliminary specs. I welcome feedback and discussion, so that I can further shape these specs as we get closer to the 3.1 release. Also, I consider the following three specs to be level 80 end-game builds, and not necessarily the best for leveling if you don’t have access to the dual-spec system.

The bear spec would look something like this.

This seems to be a standard 0/60/11 tanking build. I picked the Frenzied regen, Maul, & savage roar glyphs for this tanking spec. If you aren’t relying on Furor that much, you can shift 2 points into Improved Mark for the 2% stat increase.

The cat spec would look something like this.

This is another 0/60/11 build, but now for cat damage dealing. I picked the shred, mangle, & savage roar glyphs for this DPS spec.

The PvP spec was a little bit harder to put together, however the PvP spec could look something like this.

For the 0/55/16 PvP build, I tried to pick up mostly damage dealing with some survivability & reduced mana shapeshifting costs. The glyphs I went with were: barkskin, savage roar, & shred for the PvP spec. There are likely other PvP specs that would be good (with either more or less points in resto). I can probably work on a few other possible pvp specs at some point.

This is what I have worked out so far. Again, these are preliminary and I welcome feedback (and, what specs you end up with will likely be different than these above “guidelines”).

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4 comments on “Possible feral (bear & cat) builds for 3.1
  1. Leirynn says:

    For the PVP spec, I would definitely get feral Instinct. The stealth increase is pretty important for getting your opener off better. Also I’d max out King of the Jungle and pick up Primal Gore. I’d probably drop Natural and Master shapeshifter; with primal tenacity and Imp LotP, you should be fine on mana and shifting. Nat/Master shapeshifter are too expensive for what you get in a PVP build.

    The cat build looks good, except for maybe Feral Aggression. Generally FB is my 3rd finisher if I get it in. Roar and Rip are much more important to keep up for overall DPS.

    Otherwise, those builds look good.

  2. Basementcat says:

    On the bear tanking build:
    -2/2 in Imp MotW will increase your time-to-live by giving you more stam, dodge, armor, and crit/AP (for the new bear-bubble, as well as increased threat generation), whereas Furor doesn’t really do much unless you are in the practice of shifting while running at a boss or going cat mid-fight.

    This build seems to be more for threat-generation than survivability, which is good after bosses are on farm, but for progression content, I would not discount things like Brutal Impact for more interrupts or Infected Wounds if you don’t have a warrior handy for Improved Thunderclap, as 3/3 talented with 2 stacks is a 20% attack spped reduction (and therefore 20% less boss dmg from melee attacks).

    Primal Precision, can be argued, is a more desirable talent for both survivability and threat generation as expertise equates to fewer attacks dodged/parried (for more damage/threat) and fewer parries means fewer double-swing bursts taken by the tank.

    Clearly this discussion is situational. If you have a warrior, you don’t need Infected Wounds, if you have roguely types aplenty, you can skip Brutal Impact. However, I personally wouldn’t tank without Primal Precision or Imp MotW.

    Finally, I wanted to point out that a major glyph option not yet in the talent calc is Glyph of Survival Instincts: Your Survival Instincts ability grants an additional 10% of your maximum health. Combined with the lowered CD, and Survival Instincts becomes an extremely powerful tool in the bear’s arsenal.

  3. Shinshiva says:

    I’d have to say that the 2 points in Shredding Attacks for your bear spec is not needed. 2 less rage for lacerate isn’t much for 2 points where they can be placed elsewhere (such as 2/2 Imp MOTW).
    This is because it’s very rare that you will be in a situation that the 2 rage decrease in Lacerate is helpful. Although there are those times when it IS needed, I’d say that moving those points into MOTW is better overall.

    Not having points in Infected Wounds doesn’t make any sense. 3.1 is a Progression Patch right now, Infected Wounds is so useful I even use it when NOT progressing.

    King of the Jungle: (this is from many forums etc, not just my opinion :D) don’t use it for bears. There’s no way any bear would decrease their armor in 3.1 (while taking damage) as we have already been nerfed somewhat in this respect. I’d say move those points into primal precision expertise is (nearly) always helpful.

    Like the above poster said, it’s all situational. IW is great for 10man raiding when you have less chance of a warrior (my guild has this very situation, we have NO 80 warriors lol). KotJ, is self explanatory, if you’re farming content, go for it, but it DOES put more pressure on healers etc. Just not my cup of tea.

    Off topic: Great website, wonderfully useful, just discovered it the other day, bookmarked 🙂

  4. Liyana of EU Stormrage says:

    I had KoTJ on my pre 3.1 specc as the progression content wasn’t that difficult. Most of the time I’m the guild’s MT. We have 1 warrior tank and 2 pallies so you see that it happens alot I end up MT’ing because not everyone has time to be there and raid, etc.

    Because of that I want to skip the 3 points that I have KoTJ and put them in Feral Aggression because the AP reduction seems great when there is no warrior around. Not sure about this however. What do you guys think of this?

    this is my build atm: http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?druid=0000000000000000000000000000502232130322010353120303313511005500010000000000000000000&glyph=051300020604&version=9767

    the empy major glyph is ofcourse: glyph of Survival Instincts



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