Preview your talents before you finalize!

For anyone level 80, putting a talent point in the wrong spot sucks if you have to spend 50 gold just because you clicked the wrong thing.

So, you really want to find the new “preview talent changes” option.

To find it, go to: Options -> Interface -> Display -> Preview talent changes (right lower part of that menu).    The menu looks like this:

preview talent changes feature

This means that you can enter in talents, remove them, and then finalize them once you are 100% sure. No more oopsies! (also, the screenshot is my UI in pre-addon state. Working on getting it all downloaded & fixed).

Also, you don’t need to be at a lexicon of power to learn your new glyphs for your second spec.

Dual specializations can be learned at the druid trainer and they are 1,000 gold. Once you finalize your 2 specs, you still have to go back to the trainer if you want to change either of the two specs to something new (you can, however, swap back and forth between the two “dual specs” as often as you’d like). The feature should save a lot of gold for people in the long run…

Also, we had a ton of druids on Elune all learning their new talents in moonglade. Go druids!


Also, since the equipment manager feature did NOT go live, we’ll have to download the outfitter addon for now (which DID get updated for 3.1)…

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6 comments on “Preview your talents before you finalize!
  1. Daez says:

    Aye, a good chunk of druids on our server went to moonglade too; the sad part was when they all fell to aoe-attacking each other. *sigh* I miss the days of the Druid Code. *grumps*

    Anyway, thanks Liss – had a lot of guildmates wondering how to enable this as well. Good to know! 😀

  2. Keldara says:

    Oh, nifty that. I’ll definitely be making sure I’m ticking that little box. I know pretty much exactly what to spend where on my druid, but my warlock will definitely need it …

  3. Fattee says:

    I like your UI, what mod are you using for the action bars?

  4. Lissanna says:

    That would be the default Blizzard UI because I didn’t have mods installed/updated yet…

    Even then, since I spend a lot of time doing alpha/beta/PTR testing, I just got used to not having actual bar mods… I just got used to doing things the “hard” way. I basically only use mods for raiding & not for everything else. I know that’s not normal.

  5. Fattee says:

    really? my action bars look different, i’m pretty sure this was the default blizz UI cause i didn’t get any bar mods

  6. Lissanna says:

    I have a wide-screen laptop, so the only difference is that my stuff is spread out more because I’m using wide-screen windowed mode for the default UI.


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